Surf The 'Net For Free On The Wii (Again)

Now there's one less reason to turn off the TV -  you can access the Internet through your Wii, for free (again).

Those who got the Wii when it first launched in November 2006 will remember the Internet Channel came as a free download at the time. It allows Wii owners to surf the net on their televisions. The Wii Remote allows users to check their e-mail, buy stuff and check out the latest news - you know, whatever it is they usually do on the Internet.

Then, in July 2007, Nintendo changed it up and started charging 500 Wii Points to download the Internet Channel. That's changed again, and the channel's available for free again.

For folks who used their points to get free broadband Internet access, Nintendo is taking pity. Starting in late October, they'll be able to download on NES game of their choice valued at 500 Wii Points from the Virtual Console. Full details will be on the Wii Message Board and on Oh, and the channel's been upgraded to include the latest version of the Adobe Flash player, too.

For those users with young ones in the house, the Wii does have parental controls that allow adults to manage the content their children can get to.

Via:  Business Wire
Kiristo 5 years ago

The greatest downfall of the xbox, and predominate reason I haven't used their Live service in a year, is the lack of free online play and/or internet access. While barely on topic, the PS3 and Wii both allow users to play online without paying an additional fee. Microsoft needs to get on board with this, or I, for one, will probably forgo their next console. I enjoy PC gaming over console gaming, but some games are just better or only available on a console. Were it not for Madden, I would never have bought a 360 in the first place. I'd love to play people online in Madden too, but not enough to pay more for it.

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