Super Talent Offers Creedo Software With Express RAM CACHE USB 3.0 Drive

USB 3.0 thumb drives aren't anything revolutionary at this point, but they're still new enough to be novel. And Super Talent has been active in the industry from the very beginning. The company recently released a $15 Express DUO flash drive, which is probably the cheapest USB 3.0 USB key out there. But their newest product does something more than just store files.

Super Talent has teamed up with Creedo for a USB 3.0 Express RAM CACHE, and it's now available in a 16GB version. Basically, this stick allows Windows users to store their favorite applications right on the USB key, but the settings and preferences are pulled over as well. This way, you can simply plug the drive into any PC you may encounter, and you'll feel right at home, with your own apps/preferences in tact.

The video below shows off a performance benchmark as well, with pricing set at $79 for the 16GB version, $139 for the 32GB, and so on. Those who don't want the Creedo software can get the new Express RAM CACHE stick for as low as $59.

Via:  YouTube
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rmstiles09 4 years ago

This is very cool. I will be looking into getting one of those drives soon.

OSunday 4 years ago

Definitely on my Christmas wishlist, I have numerous thumbdrives lying around and ive wanted to buy a larger capacity one around 32g's for a while but wanted to wait for a cheap usb 3.0, or some cool features. This has both so its definitely worth the money

dcuccia 4 years ago

That's Ceedo, not Creedo.

animatortom 4 years ago

80bucks for 16GB?

Still way too much for the thing we loose the most? :P

Next summer, I am sure these will be available for 30bucks.

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