Street View Comes to Google Maps Web App on iOS

Users frustrated with Apple’s built-in maps app in iOS 6 have another option: use Google Maps in the Safari mobile web browser. Today, Google announced that its the mobile web-based version of its maps service was getting even better with the addition of Street View on mobile web browsers.

Using Street View on your mobile device is the same as on the desktop--pull up a location on and click the little “pegman” on the bottom right of the screen, and you’ll be able to see your location at street level with all the panning capabilities you’re used to.

Google Maps iPhone

If you peek at Google’s blog post, you’ll notice that all of the screenshots are superimposed onto iPhones, which we take as a subtle jab at Apple and its thus far unpopular maps app. Further, Google provides instructions for creating an icon on your iPhone that links directly to the Google Maps, a sort of workaround for not having the actual app installed.

All you have to do is bring up in Safari, tap the Share button, tap Add To Home Screen, tap Add, and there you go.
Via:  Google
sevags 2 years ago

I have already been doing this since the ip5 launch despite the native maps not yet giving me incorrect directions.

I am actually forced to do the exact same thing with YouTube because the YouTube app is missing a lot of functionality including the ability to turn off HD, can't exit the app double tap home scroll to the left and play the audio while using other apps, app is still letter boxed, and a few other major flaws so I've bookmarked which fixes all my issues with the app except you can't browse other sites through safari once you've started a video.

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