Starbucks to Offer Free AT&T Wi-Fi

Not only has Starbucks been busy outfitting all of its company-operated Starbucks locations with AT&T-supplied Wi-Fi, but that Wi-Fi will now be free to Starbucks card holders for up to two hours per day: 

"As a way to thank our loyal customers, Starbucks is offering a reward for registering and using your Starbucks Card - complimentary access to AT&T Wi-Fi for up to two hours per day in any U.S. Starbucks store that offers Wi-Fi."

"To get your AT&T Wi-Fi account, you simply need a Starbucks Card that you have used in the last 30 days, and agree to receive up to four emails per year from AT&T. As long as you continue to use your card at least once a month (make a purchase or load a balance) you'll continue to enjoy up to 2 hours per day of complimentary Wi-Fi access in any U.S. Starbucks store which offers Wi-Fi."

While Starbucks is currently limiting the free access to a single session per day of up to two hours, the company has stated that it is working on a way to spread the two hours across "multiple sessions per day." The initial single-session limitation is a likely a result of Starbucks wanting to get the service operational as soon as possible. A call to Starbucks confirmed that the offer should start being available today. Further technical tweaking of the service will be involved to support the increased intricacy of supporting multiple single-day sessions. It is in Starbucks' best interest to support multiple single-day sessions, as that can increase the number of same-day, return customers buying coffee and other goods.

There is one bit of confusion surrounding the offer: The offer requires a account, and accounts can support up to three Starbucks cards. This does not mean, however, that you can have three, two-hour sessions if you have three cards on your account. However, for those who treat Starbucks as their home offices, it is possible--although usually frowned upon--to have multiple Starbucks cards on multiple accounts if you are sly enough with the personal information you supply during registration. If this is you, just hope that the Wi-Fi routers don't memorize your laptop's MAC address.
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entermymatrix03 6 years ago
wait, wait, wait...Wi-Fi at a Starbucks isn't free everywhere? The Starbucks in the bottom corner of my building has free Wi-Fi. They've always had it and offered it to customers.
Lev_Astov 6 years ago
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. And now they'll be limiting you to two hours per day? Who does that? Honestly. So many places offer free wifi anymore, it seems nonsense for them to even talk about people paying for it.
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