Sprint/Samsung 3G Phone Kicks Apple's Core

Everyone's fascinated with the Apple iPhone. Apple's announced their new, third generation (3G) model is coming out on July 11, and all the news outlets have been pawing over the details of the handset and the plan. The iPhone has the potential to be one of those concepts that becomes the name people use to refer to all items of its type, like Kleenex or Frigidaire or Xerox once did. Not many people are that interested in the Samsung/Sprint version of the small slab smartphone with a touchscreen and not a lot of buttons. Maybe they should be. It's better than an iPhone in a lot of ways.

• It's smaller, fitting more comfortably in a pocket.

• It records video. The iPhone only does stills.

• It does picture messaging.

• It has "haptic feedback," fancy words meaning it can be set to vibrate when it registers a touch.

• Its navigation software gives turn-by-turn directions.

• It can get live, streaming TV service.

• It has a removable battery, and even comes with a spare. The iPhone's battery is not removable by the user.

• Its applications can be updated over the wireless data network.

• It can send music to stereo headsets using Bluetooth. The iPhone can send calls over Bluetooth, but not music.

The Samsung screen has fewer pixels, and you can't perform the two finger pinch motion to enlarge a picture. And it's limited in its international roaming capabilities compared to the iPhone's AT&T service. Other than that, it's as good or superior to the new iPhone in every way. But it doesn't have a gaunt looking guy with steel rimmed glasses and a turtleneck to introduce it, so I guess it can't be any good.
Via:  AP
Lev_Astov 6 years ago
Who calls tissues Kleenexes?? That's just difficult to say. Nice phone, though. It's hard to beat the capacitive touch screen the iphone uses, so I doubt this will be a huge hit, sadly. Otherwise the feature list looks terrific.
digitaldd 6 years ago

 unfortunately its a Sprint exclusive. for those on GSM there's no chance.

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Even if it's better, it's still a clone.  If it came out last year, before the iPhone, then it would have been something.  There's still a fundamental lack of originality in it, and that doesnt excite people. 

ghenghisjuan 6 years ago

funny this article doesn't mention what the phone doesn't have-> a good internet browser.

not to mention itunes. windows media player - head for zee hills

this is yellow journalism at its finest

most of the claims on why its a better phone will be addressed on the iphone soon anyways, either through software updates or software development.

the beauty of the iphone is that it has a fully developed operating system, not some b.s. half a$$ed user interface that was put together in less than a year as an answer to the iphone.

and if its so much different & better then why does this look exactly like an iphone?

they somehow came up with a better operating system, user interface, and features - but then they stopped and copied the case design? smooth move.
ice91785 6 years ago

I see these all over eBay if you do a search for iPhone -- since they look so similiar I am guessing people are trying to get hits on their auctions by "pretending" to advertise an iPhone......once the auction is opened however you discover the real truth 

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