Sprint Mulling Bid to Snipe MetroPCS from T-Mobile USA

Earlier today, it looked like a marriage of T-Mobile and MetroPCS was all but a formality, but we suppose that’s why they have the ceremony, as a late-breaking report indicates that Sprint may be planning to make a bid of its own for MetroPCS.

According to Reuters, Sprint’s big cheeses will meet on Friday at noon to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on another bid--indeed, another, because Sprint supposedly withdrew an $8 billion offer for MetroPCS back in February. Perhaps Sprint is regretting that decision now.

The report indicates that Sprint could make an offer of between $12.50 and $15 per share (in part by paying with its own stock), while the T-Mobile deal is valued closer to $11.28 per share.

MetroPCS and T-Mobile
Image credit: ABC News

Analysts point out that it might make more sense for Sprint to win the bid; MetroPCS and Sprint both use CDMA networks, so merging them could conceivably easy, while T-Mobile has an incompatible network technology and would shut down MetroPCS over the course of two years.

There’s one other possibility, however remote--some speculate that Sprint could snap up both T-Mobile and MetroPCS after the former acquires the latter. We imagine, however, that anti-trust concerns could cause a hiccup in that idea.
Via:  Reuters
rapid1 2 years ago

Interesting and of course as mentioned SPRINT and METRO both use CDMA as there main transmission method. This stuff came up the other day in another forum as well. The point is though they're all trying to implement LTE and the only difference in any of them is an antennae anyway as long as they have the towers not to mention the backbone and bandwidth in general. As for Sprint snapping up T-Mobile and Metro I do not know although T-MOUS parent company Deutch tele has expressed its interest in selling the unit I would imagine the bid would have to be higher than Sprint could muster in general. Of course in the end At&t would be the big looser if TMO got bought ought because SPRINT is however remotely only one place down market wise from them and they "ATT" just had to pay T-MOUS a ton of money in there own failed bid to take them over less than a year ago now, not to mention the frequencies etc..........................

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