Sprint Announces First Major Markets To Get LTE

In the first half of this year, Sprint users in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio will be the first to be able to enjoy Sprint's new 4G LTE network. The move from Sprint's current 4G network technology, WiMAX, to the faster (and seemingly more popular) LTE standard is part of Sprint's overall network strategy known as Network Vision.

As part of Network Vision, Sprint intends to deploy multimode base stations across many of Sprint’s cell sites throughout the country. These base stations will provide better voice quality, signal density, and data speeds to Sprint customers. The first completed deployment of a multimode base station was in Branchburg, N.J., in December 2011.

Sprint Announces First Major Markets to Receive 4G LTE in 2012

Customers in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio are expected to enjoy ultra-fast service and an improved 3G wireless experience before middle of year

SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE), January 05, 2012 - Sprint (NYSE: S) CEO Dan Hesse announced today at the annual Citigroup Entertainment, Media and Telecommunications Conference that customers in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio are expected to be among the first to benefit from 4G LTE and improved 3G coverage in the first half of 2012.

The launch of these metropolitan areas marks the next step in the company’s overall network strategy, also known as Network Vision. Sprint customers can expect to enjoy ultra-fast data speeds, improved 3G voice and data quality, and stronger in-building signal penetration providing a more reliable wireless experience. Whether a Sprint customer is on a smartphone streaming video, browsing the Web with a mobile hotspot, or making a voice call to someone across the country, everyone1 in the upgraded areas is expected to benefit from the advanced 3G/4G LTE network.

“Within the first half of 2012, Sprint customers should experience first-hand the wide-reaching improvements we have made in terms of boosting voice and data quality,” said Bob Azzi, senior vice president – Network, Sprint. “With advanced smartphones and sophisticated wireless modems, our customers are using more and more mobile data, and one of our top priorities is to provide the best technology possible to improve our customers’ experience.”

Sprint’s Network Vision platform involves the deployment of multimode base stations across many of Sprint’s cell sites throughout the country. As base stations are deployed, customers will notice immediate improvements in voice quality, signal density and data speeds. The first completed deployment of a multimode base station was in Branchburg, N.J., in December 2011. As additional areas receive 3G enhancements and 4G LTE service, announcements will be made.

Another component of Sprint’s network strategy has been the deployment of Sprint® Direct Connect® on the CDMA network. Sprint’s legacy in push-to-talk leadership continues with new CDMA devices that launched in September, 2011. More CDMA push-to-talk devices will be announced in the coming months.

Sprint has been an innovator with 4G since first launching the technology in 2008. Sprint has launched more than 25 4G-enabled smartphones, USB connection cards, notebook/netbook products, mobile hotspots and routers. Sprint offers a proven, reliable 4G experience for millions of customers compared to other national wireless carriers. Additionally, Sprint is a leader in value, with Sprint Everything plans with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM, including unlimited data, texting and calling to and from any mobile phone in America while on the Sprint network. With Sprint’s unlimited data plans, customers don’t have to worry about throttling or data overage charges on their monthly bill as they might with tiered data plans from other carriers.

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JStewart 2 years ago

The last paragraph of this reads like an ad.

JStewart 2 years ago

Also, why haven't I heard any uproar from Sprint customers? Basically every 4g phone Sprint offers save a few new ones work on the WiMax network and are NOT compatible with LTE. So what happens to everyone with an older 4g phone?

rapid1 2 years ago

Thats easy JStewart they have to get a SPRINT LTE phone if they want LTE service no matter that they got there EVO3D in August!

rapid1 2 years ago

Or of course they can stick with 3.5G Wimax as well. The funny part about all of this and something I was trying to explain to my mother who is looking at new phones and providers. I did fine when T-Mobile would let me have a 200MB data conn b4 they throttled me. I never went over of course I turn off a lot of always on data BS as it also wastes battery. Sprint says they don't throttle etc but I do not believe it. I also had Sprint who guaranteed I would have service in my home. Needless to say I had Sprint for 29 days and got my money back because I had no service in my home, and they refused to send me one of there home data connect(internet/cellular/wirelessAGN) routers, at least without charging me another $150.00. As far as it goes when I bought it and signed the contract not only did they promise me service in my home the promised me WImax at home (which I did not get).

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