Spore "Creepy & Cute Parts Pack" Confirmed

DRM (and lawsuits) aside, Spore has sold a ton of copies. In late September Electronic Arts (EA) said it had already sold 1 million copies (combined PC, Mac and Nintendo DS) sales since shipping on September 7th, despite DRM "Protest Creatures" and critical end user reviews at stores like Amazon.com.

Slightly over a week ago listings for something appeared at both Amazon.com (since removed) and GameStop appeared, showing a add-on pack called the Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack. There was a ship date of November 18th, but no additional info, and no word from EA about it.

Showing up on the EA Store as a pre-order is pretty good confirmation, however. And, with that listing on the EA Store, we get a look at the box, and confirmation of both the price ($19.99, as GameStop listed) and the date of November 18th.

So, for 40% of the price of the original game ($49.99) what are you going to get? Still no information on the EA site; perhaps just more creature parts?

Now if we could just get some dates for Diablo III and Starcraft 2 we'd be happy.
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bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

One side of me says "Great EA is going to milk this as bad as The Sims" The other side of me says "OH MY GOD More parts, more parts!!!"


Der Meister 6 years ago


3vi1 6 years ago

>> So, for 40% of the price of the original game ($49.99) what are you going to get? <<

2/5ths more DRM?

waku2waku 6 years ago

Too bad EA hasn’t fully embraced trusting its customers more by removing DRM & SecuROM from Spore. Another blog noted Pete Hines has announced that Fallout 3 will ship with little to no DRM whatsoever because they want to trust their paying customers. See http://www.aeropause.com/2008/10/fallout-3-to-ship-on-pc-minus-drm/



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