Spire Kicks Off Chinese New Year with BlackDragon Power Supply Line

The Chinese New Year falls on Monday, January 23, 2012, and to get a head start, Spire today introduced its new BlackDragon line of power supplies. The new PSUs comply with the ATX Version 2.3 specification and boast an advanced circuit design with "Japanese grade A components," Spire says.

Spire's a bit vague on the specifics, but digging through the company's website, it looks like the BlackDragon is offered in 400W ($80), 500W ($96), and 600W ($140) models. These are all wired units (non-modular) housed in black powder coated enclosures with an embossed logo.

The top-end model (600W) sports two +12V rails with 22A on +12V1 and 30A on +12V2. It has a single 24-pin ATX connector, four molex plugs, a single 4+4 pin connector, four SATA connectors, and two 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors.
The BlackDragon are the new and evolved ATX power supply series aimed at the pc enthusiast en pc gamer. Equipped with selected all new high-quality components, supplying optimal power under the most demanding circumstances. New highlights of the BlackDragon series are: Version 2.3 specification compliant, advanced circuit design with better Japanese grade A components supporting the newest Intel & AMD dual core .64 & .45 process multi-core micro-processors and supporting 4-way SLI / Crossfire GPUs.

Auto-thermal fan control, maximizing the BlackDragon,s cooling performance whilst maintaining reduced sound levels. Energy sufficient, BlackDragon series power supplies are compliant with the Energy Star & Blue Angel standards. Housed in cool black powdered coated enclosures with embossed Spire logo, the BlackDragon series are backed by the award winning service program and 2 years warranty. Spire – Powered by Innovation. 

Main Features:
* ATX Ver.2.3 Specification Compliant
* Black Sleeved cables and black EZ-Connectors
* EMI Shielded VGA/HDD Power Connectors 
* Supports the newest Intel & AMD based systems
* Cool-Blue LED 120mm Auto PMW silent DC fan
* Completely silent 10.0 dBA under 250W up to 45C / 113F
* High Efficiency (86%) up to 30% less power consumption
* Compliant with ErP Lot 6 2010: 5Vsb AC input < 1W maximum draw at standby & off mode 

* I/O/OVP/OLP and SCP Short Circuit- Overload- Over Power- & current-Protection 

The BlackDragon power supply series are compatible with Intel Version 2.03 ATX, SSI EPS 12V 2.91 standards and Micro ATX standards.

€ 73,50 / $95,99 

Product Includes:
1. Multilanguage Owner Manual 2. Mounting screws 4pcs 3. Velcro cable straps 4. Power Cord (safety approved) 5. Warranty registration card

The BlackDragon power supply series are now available from Spire Europe, Brazil and China factory. For more information, please don,t hesitate to e-mail us or feel free to give our offices a phone-call.

About Spire:
Spire, Founded in 1998 in The Netherlands, is a global supplier of cooling solutions, power supplies and enclosures for the personal, gaming and networked personal computers. With manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China and branch offices in The Netherlands, Japan, and Brazil. Offering a wide range of thermal products and accessories for the computer industry.  

More info:
BlackDragon product page: http://www.spire-corp.com/main/product_pow.asp?cat=7&cat1=14
For review samples or press-kit, please contact our marketing department; Ms. Vivianne Yeh

Via:  Spire
cowboyspace 2 years ago

Will like to see sone reviews about those.......

omegadoom13 2 years ago

2012 is the year of the Black Water Dragon, so it's only fitting that Spire would launch the aptly named Black Dragon PSU this year. I'm hoping to read reviews about the Black Dragon series sooner rather than later this year. It looks pretty solid.

AKnudson 2 years ago

is it just me or have power supplies always been the most boring part of a computer? all the other parts are way cooler.

realneil 2 years ago

A good quality PSU is the backbone of any stable PC. It is the single MOST important part that you can buy for your build. It is where you start your build.

As someone else has already mentioned, when a crappy PSU fails, it can take out several, or even all of the other components in your PC.

These Black Dragons are overpriced to begin with, and they have no pedigree either. I'd much rather buy a brand that I know FOR SURE will not let me down and destroy my other components. Even one or two good reveiws wouldn't convince me as to their quality over a period of time.

I always buy SeaSonic Brand PSU's.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

I don't think its boring onceyou get a good looking gold certified power supply

OSunday 2 years ago

Non-Modular and never heard of Spire to be honest (hope I'm not sounding ignorant)

but other than having a power supply with a cool name and new ATX 2.3 compliance I'm not feeling the appeal

cowboyspace 2 years ago

I never heard of spire neither but it looks sexy,Crawl first then walk.

karanm 2 years ago

i gotta agree with OSunday, non modular and 600 watts max, good luck trying to run 4 way sli/crossfire off that. As for the power supply being boring its true but a bad one can screw up your entire rig and then you'll be really bored lol.

Manduh 2 years ago

They seem pretty pricey compared to other excellent brands on the market right now.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

I agree with manduh but we haven't seen any reviews about this PS but lets says its better than all PS in same level i think the price ill be acceptable which i think won't be the case.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="cowboyspace"]i think the price ill be acceptable [/quote]

Oh, Hail-No! They don't have anything going for them that is apparent when you really look at them! They don't even have an 80+ certification for any of them yet. (they've applied for it)

So the Dragon non-modular, ~non~ 80+ certified 600 watt PSU is going for $149.00,........Here are a few SeaSonic examples for you:

SeaSonic M12II 750 SS-750AM 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready, 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Semi-modular Power Supply  (This is modular, 80+ Bronze certified, and 750watts,....it costs $129.00 at newegg)

Seasonic SS-850HT 850W ATX12V v2.31,EPS12V v2.92 80Plus Silver Certified, Active PFC Power Supply  (This one is an 850 watt unit that is 80+ Silver certified. Price is $109.00)

SeaSonic S12II 620 Bronze 620W ATX12V V2.3 / EPS 12V V2.91 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply   (This is 620 watts and ~of course~ 80+ Bronze certified. It sells for $69.00,.....just half of the price of the awesomly named Dragon PSU)

All of my examples are more powerful and have the SeaSonic name backing them. (a sure bet)


cowboyspace 2 years ago

I thought it was 80+ certified O_O " High Efficiency (86%) up to 30% less power consumption" i thought that paul forgot to said it was certified. Thanks you for the correction and yea once again you are right :)

cowboyspace 2 years ago

Now my question is why will a company that is just starting will have pricey products?

realneil 2 years ago

They make all sorts of stuff.


But I've never heard of them either.

Manduh 2 years ago

I was trying to reply but got this:

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realneil 2 years ago

"Spire is an internationally recognized and globally respected brand name for computer cooling products, power supplies, pc case and other computing accessories."

WOW!        That's really saying something for a company that I've never heard of.  Smile   But I'll admit that there are many companies throughout the world that I'm not familiar with.

I'll stick with my earlier posts concerning the quality of the SeaSonic brand of power supplies. They are the best there is. You cannot go wrong choosing SeaSonic  for your PC as long as you buy the proper one for your needs.


cowboyspace 2 years ago

how comes your post is on top of mine when i posted first O_o did you changed the order lol bad moderator T_T

Manduh 2 years ago

He hit reply on my thread instead of yours, so looking at it from the homepage it goes under my post. But looking at the thread in the forums it shows the posts in order.

Oh and what I was trying to post before (which wouldn't go through) was I've been following Spire on twitter and Facebook since Nov. They had a promo where their followers had to email them and they'd get a free spire shirt. I got a reply saying my shirt was being sent, but I never got it. I ended up asking them about it but no reply. So basically their social media marketing sucks in my eyes, which isn't good rep for their company if this happened to a lot of people. I think slugbug signed up for one too, not sure if he ever got his.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

OHHHHHHHHHHHH ok lol that was realnail mistake :) i was like how did his post got on top of mine O_O when he is replying me thanks you :)

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="cowboyspace"]OHHHHHHHHHHHH ok lol that was realnail mistake[/quote]

It was no Mistake,.......I just replied to her, and not you, and that's why it displayed that way.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

You quoted a part of the quote that i quoted from their site O_o my post was shown first  and some minutes later  it was on top of mine :-p and yea it was your mistake so eat it!!!!!!!!!! hahahahha boooo

realneil 2 years ago

Read Manduh's post.

[quote user="Manduh"]He hit reply on my thread instead of yours, so looking at it from the homepage it goes under my post. But looking at the thread in the forums it shows the posts in order.[/quote]


You are ~full~ of what makes the flowers grow buddy.

Your post came at 2:24 PM. (I saw where you had copied the text from the site that I had linked to earlier)

Manduh posted at 2:43 PM

and my post came at 3:10 PM. (I copied part of the text that you had posted from your earlier post and pasted it onto my post in RED)

I know and can prove that I didn't move any posts around as to the order of posts because I don't have the power to do that on this site. Only admins can do such, and I'm positive that they wouldn't do such crap anyways.

I can go into your post and edit what you said, but a record of my actions is posted in the admin portion of the site that you don't see. (I would need a good explanation for doing such a thing as editing your post and ADMINS would call me on it and demand an explanation too)

I can delete your posts if I have the proper reason to do so. (SPAM, profanity, flame-wars)

My job as a Mod amounts to SPAM removal 99% of the time. I don't play reindeer games. I don't appreciate you telling me that I did something that I didn't do either.

When I clicked on "REPLY" I clicked on Manduh's post. WHY? Because whomever I reply to gets a boost in points. I chose to give her the extra points that my reply generated. Not you.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

the link that you posted just shows it right but when i hit news and NOt THE FORUMS  your post  was on top of mine, and that's why i said that, so i thought there was an alteration + i didn't say you didn't post the link of the site, i just answered your question of what was in the site. I think it was  an error of this site. As i see it wasn't your fault neither mine, And  chill out i dont think any of your actions are necessary..... Site error.(I'm not jelous or something  that for that boost"points") I really don't need points i just came to this site cuz i liked it, and will like to learn things and correct things i know..


For some reason the part  about the site a quote are no longer there for some reason i guess it is another error.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="cowboyspace"]and yea it was your mistake so eat it![/quote]

Don't post crap like this and not expect to get a reaction from people.

By the way, for this reply, I just hit reply to Manduh's post at the top of the page. Look at where it is though. It doesn't mean a thing.

Maybe you should forget the timings and just read the posts,.....

cowboyspace 2 years ago

"You are ~full~ of what makes the flowers grow buddy." Same for you atleast mine was a joke " it was your mistake so eat it!!!!!!!!!! hahahahha boooo" i don't see any laugh /lol from your part.

realneil 2 years ago

I made no mistake. Your ignorance of how the site works made you think so, but you were wrong. You just will not admit it and now you call it a joke.

it's not.


rrplay 2 years ago

Lots of quality 600W - 750W PSUs already in the market from well established manufacturers with better spec and better prices as already mentioned with Seasonic.

Just like having a questionable power supply in the system is not all that amusing, having multiple posts that show complete disrespect to a well intentioned hard working moderator  realneil & this community is not that funny either.

Most find neither amusing or funny.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="cowboyspace"]how comes your post is on top of mine when i posted first O_o did you changed the order lol bad moderator T_T[/quote]

What are you talking about?

If you mean me. I didn't change  the order of your posts as opposed to mine.

Edit: OK Manduh seems to have it figured out.


cowboyspace 2 years ago

"Spire is an internationally recognized and globally respected brand name for computer cooling products, power supplies, pc case and other computing accessories. Over the years Spire has distinguished and established itself as a global leader in providing quality and innovative thermal solutions to all levels of the marketplace.

As an ISO-14001 certified corporation Spire manufactures and markets innovative desktop, workstation and server products to meet the most stringent of quality requirements. With locations in China, USA-California, The Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Brazil Spire has a proven track record and flexibility to provide solutions from development and deployment to support, service, logistics and product life-cycle management.

Spire targets the sophisticated middle-class demographic group that demands style, reliability and performance. As computers and consumer electronics converge, many build your own mainstream enthusiasts desire computer accessories, PC cases and Thermal solutions that combine elegance and design with the capability to integrate with their home design and can be well-displayed within a home while delivering the best performance."

AKnudson 2 years ago

um it said middle class, who des that qualify as? my house is 5000 square FT plus and that is still a bad dscision for a power supply.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

Have a good day....no more comments from my part as its irrelevant as yours.

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