Sour Lemons for Limewire, P2P Service Shutting Down

Limewire users are going to have to find another way to pirate music and movies download and share legal copies of software, such as Linux distributions and game demos, as well as freely available indie music, because the peer-to-peer service is going belly up by the end of the year.

"As a result of our current legal situation, we have no choice but to wind down Limewere Store operations," Limewire said in a statement. "Despite our dedication and efforts, December 31, 2010, will mark the day when Limewire Store shuts its virtual stores."

And thus will end the end of an era for Limewire, the popular P2P service founded by Mark Gorton a decade ago. Limewire recently found itself on the losing end of a court case when it was found guilty of facilitating copyright infringement. As a result, a U.S. federal judge ordered the site to be shut down.
Via:  Yahoo News
rapid1 4 years ago

Wow I will never be able to find another Gnutella client there are only about 100. This case much like the original one against a file sharing (specifically music pretty much), is live and well. There will just be another top dog in the category now. So basically this whole case was a huge waste of money because it accomplished absolutely nothing. Plus it really enhances the market for those who would use something of this nature. The largest provider which in this case was Limewire is riddled with virus or other Trojan products among there many down loadable applications whether they be music, software, or other product. So in all actuality it slows down the practice by existing, and in many way's actively discourages it's use because of this. So those who use a Gnutella client will just switch to another Gnutella client, and have full access from unknown or unrecognized by the filer of the Limewire case sources. Those sources will then gain in popularity for several years until this whole process is repeated in the future.

jonation 4 years ago

Good riddance, nothing but viruses and malicious intent.

However, it's existance pushed people to more involved p2p services- decentralization.

I agree rapid, another will step up- gain attention- then be shut down. Most of the software is open-source anyway, you could make you're own limewire!

I can see this thread going into an I.P. debate.

I'm going to start with- if you clone a woman's purse and took the clone, is it stealing?

Not from the woman but from the company, but the company didn't pay to make the clone... Did you steal the potential, future profits of the company?

Enter the grey area!

inspector 4 years ago

Yep, there is never a end rapid. Like u said one goes down the other replaces it as number 1! Mind giving a link? xD lol

realneil 4 years ago

Yurazz is usually hanging out with sites like that anyways. If they aren't trying to infect your computer, then some greasy bustards are trying to monitor your activities so they can sue you and rip your nuts out through your wallet.

MMcCutcheon 4 years ago

oh well...its not like you can't find another p2p software or just torrent ha.

AnonTimeKeeper 3 years ago

What record labels sued with RIAA? I want to start a international boycott of the labels. Its time these companies realize the public is fed up with the music industries over bloated prices. Maybe after the ones involved go bankrupt from people refusing to buy theuir labels then we can get back to normal for the music industry. Im so over mainstream music its not even funny.

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