Sony's VAIO X Ultraportable Makes MacBook Air Seem Fat

Sony still hasn't officially unveiled the VAIO X, but make no mistake, this beauty is for real. Briefly teased at the company's press event at IFA in Berlin, Germany, the VAIO X ultraportable is really nothing more than a glorified netbook, but Sony has already proven that it's a champion at that with the VAIO P and VAIO TT.

Without question, this is one of the slimmest machines we've ever seen, with the actual VGA socket being larger than the side of the chassis. It measures in at just a half-inch thick and weighs 1.5 pounds. The screen is 11.1" and it will include some sort of Atom processor; further specs include integrated 3G WWAN and a battery that could last up to 12 hours, though we have our doubts about the reality of that.

There's no clear indication of when Sony will come clean with a price or release date, but frankly this has "in time for the holiday shopping season" written all over it. And to think, the MacBook Air can now feel bloated when sat next to another machine. What a crazy world we live in.

Via:  C|net
realneil 5 years ago

No Baloney, It's A Sony!

dizowned 5 years ago

You know people keep making all these slim computers and they love the atom processor since it makes it an easier platform to design little things that have minimal performance simply because the bulk of their user base just want something small and cute rather than functional -- their are a few exceptions of course ... well from the standpoint of a programmer who wants more than just a toy, pc vendors need to understand that what apple has done with the macbook is create a portable platform that fills every niche, not just the portability market -- something that should really be left to smart-phones after a certain point (11 inch screen i mean wtf...), IMHO there is no practical point to these "ultra-portable" things, the only real reason companies develop them is profit margins.

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