Sony's Euro Boss Says Disc Media Will Die

Whether you like it or not, let's face it, disc media is just plain getting old.  Further, "the power of the network" continues to rise and downloadable multimedia content continues to become more and more pervasive.  Take a quick vitals check on companies like BlockBuster Video and you'll know why the folks at Netflix are running to head this one off at the pass as well.  It's not rocket science people (actually it's called photonics, which is easily as complex), the fatter your pipe gets, the more data you can and will pump down it.  Another case study of Valve's Steam game delivery, network gaming and community services, shows end user acceptance was spotty at best initially but has recently exploded with not only top title gaming content but new Cloud services as well.  So when are the game console pundits going to jump on the bandwagon?  It appears they already have...

David Reeves of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe claims:  "The key to the future is the PlayStation Network, Games put straight onto PSN are the big opportunity," said Reeves.

"We do believe that the disc-based delivery system will fall as the power of the network base rises. At the same time, the overall industry growth will continue to go upwards as we push out into emerging markets."...

Though this sounds a little bit like marketing speak, there's a lot of common sense that flows throughout his interview at MCV UK where he notes:  "This is Sony proofing itself against the disaster the music industry has found itself in. So long as there is choice; choice for consumers to decide if they want Warhawk or MGS4, choice for publishers to maximise revenue, choice for developers to reach gamers in cheaper, more accessible ways, then the idea is sound."

Sound indeed and it almost seems like Reeves has more of a keen sense of the obvious than anything else in our opinion but we're sure that's why they pay him the big bucks.  Long ago, in a land far away there were things like vinyl records and floppy discs.  Now, our grade schoolers hardly would recognize them in the history books.  Time marches on, bandwidth continues to explode, breathe in, breathe out, evolve or be surpassed.  Simple, really.

Via:  TechRadar
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rapid1 6 years ago
Lol thats funny I have bought one game off a store shelf in the last three years including upgrade etc. That was only because it was a new release and the company did'nt allow you to carry your beta client over to full game. That also goes for almost all software I have purchased except of course the ever prevailing windows and that was only because it was'nt available.
Crisis Causer 6 years ago

I still think disc media will be dominant.  A lot of people still don't have high speed internet and can't take advantage of this.  Plus a lot of people like having a physical copy with box, manual, etc.  Downloading becoming the main will not be so soon.

amdcrankitup 6 years ago
So it sounds to me like they are planning the demize of all disk media in the future already.I guess there is a reason for this but who benefits? I dont think its the consumer.Surely people with limited means would have limited options.Then you get to the real deal.Do you like having physical ownership of something you purchased or are you really ready to give that up for Virtual Ownership.Hmmm I dont have that much these days but I rather be able to see and touch what little I got!
ice91785 6 years ago

Not to mention ISPs enabling total bandwidth/usage if comcast is only allowing you to download up-to 1GB a month or something, how are you supposed to download a 3GB game/HD media??? You may have the speed but you are going to either get your service cut off or have to pay large "fines"....

Well I suppose you could go from $30 a month to $80 for the extra bandwidth and ability to download more, but why not just pay $50 flat rate for a game? Or $30 for a BD? ....its a little cheaper than spending ~$500-100 a year for upping your ISP's service plan........


howleewould 6 years ago
nope,BlockBuster Video simply won't boot your computer when you are trying to install Windows 7 in 2010.disc media is ideal "boot media" before network adapter was even drivered,except you are on asus's 5sec-to-online systems.
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