Sony Update Allows PlayStation 4 Controllers To Work Wireless With PlayStation 3

Here's a bit of good news if, for whatever reason, you're hoping to use your PlayStation 4 (PS4) controller wirelessly with your PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. Courtesy of a recent firmware update Sony rolled out, it's now possible to pair the new controller with the previous generation game system using Bluetooth technology.

The functionality became public knowledge from a Reddit forum thread discussing the topic. Since it's through Bluetooth, you need to head into your PS3's Settings menu and have it search for devices. Here are the steps:

  • Go to "Accessory Settings" and select "Manage Bluetooth Devices"
  • Select "Register New Device" and start scanning
  • Press and hold the Share and PlayStation buttons on the controller at the same until it starts blinking
  • Select "Wireless Controller"

PlayStation 4 Controller

Keep in mind that pairing your PS4 controller to your PS3 means it will no longer work on the PS4 unless you pair it back -- you can't have it synced to both consoles at the same time. It's also worth pointing out that support is limited. SIXAXIS controls and vibration don't work, as apparently the PS3 recognizes the controller as being a generic one. It will, however, power on the PS3.
Via:  Reddit
RachadElAsri 5 months ago

Abdallah ila baghi dualshock 4 :D

JoshuaJordan 5 months ago

but why would you

Rosec14 5 months ago

I'm so confused. Why would anyone need this? Maybe I don't understand because I'm not a fan of Sony. Any PlayStationers want to help me out? :D

DarrenLiu 5 months ago

ps4 controller w/ pc? :D

AllenJun 5 months ago

^The Xbox One is WAY better and it works with PC. The bumpers felt bad at first, then I learned how to hit them properly.

Lagahan 5 months ago

^ Both work with PC, its just a matter of personal preference. DS3 Xinput wrapper lets you use the DS4 wirelessly/wired with any Xbox controller supported games. Might pick up an XBone controller to compare the two, loving the DS4 atm!

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