Sony Showcases 13.3" Color, Flexible LCD

LCDs are nice and all, but are they the future? Probably not. Sony is pushing towards a future filled with glasses-free 3D, and one that's flexible. At the SID Display Week conference this week in California, the company revealed a new flexible color e-paper display, which is one of the thinnest (and largest, by screen size) flexible displays that we have seen. It's a 13.3" panel, and one that bends.

Bending displays could have all sorts of uses; automobiles, advertising, and funky tablet form factors of the future. The panel had a 1200x800 screen resolution, a reflectance of 10% and a contrast ratio higher than 100,000:1. Of course, a trade show demo doesn't mean that a commercial version is around the corner or anything, but it's still pretty amazing to see that something like this is alive in the labs. One day, one day...

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inspector 3 years ago

Good for technology, but i don't see much good uses for it. There are some but most wouldn't require it.

JMorgan 3 years ago

Thanks Inspector!

R. L. Jensen 3 years ago

If they can make it hard to damage and it catches on, which I'm sure it will. As a matter of fact investing in the technology is a very good idea. I can think of an incredible range of products hat could use this technology, providing of course the price has to drop by an order of magnitude. F'in love it, anyone who doesn't is not all there. I believe.....So Long Farewell and etc...

Thank y'all for your time.........................................................................

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