Sony: Ripping CDs You Buy Is Wrong!

The Minnesota file-sharing case that we've been reporting on is now over, and the RIAA has won.  Perhaps that's not the end of the story, however, as the odd & contradictory statements from the defendant were perhaps topped by some made by a music industry rep.

One of the experts called to testify in the trial was none other than Sony BMG's Jennifer Pariser, who had a rather unique and perhaps company serving view of what constitutes music theft:

Pariser has a very broad definition of "stealing." When questioned by Richard Gabriel, lead counsel for the record labels, Pariser suggested that what millions of music fans do is actually theft. The dirty deed? Ripping your own CDs or downloading songs you already own.

Gabriel asked if it was wrong for consumers to make copies of music which they have purchased, even just one copy. Pariser replied, "When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." Making "a copy" of a purchased song is just "a nice way of saying 'steals just one copy'," she said.”

Keep in mind that the reason Pariser was asked about ripping CDs because the defense was contending that the defendant had ripped several  CDs onto her PC, and that at least the majority (if not all) of the songs in her Kazaa folder were simply copies.  The defense also contended that downloading songs you own isn't illegal, so uploading them to people who are attempting to download them for that purpose also isn't a crime.

We won't even get into the veracity of some of Pariser's other comments, but they seem a bit suspect.  Even if labels don't make money directly from tours, there's obviously something in it for them (perhaps its a form of advertising?) or major artists wouldn't tour with almost every single new album they release.
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Davo 7 years ago
OK, OK, let's quote Bill Gates then recently when he said the best way around the bogus state of DRM is to just buy a music CD you like and rip it, that way you can take it with you in any medium and you own it and paid for it.

This guy is on some serious crack methinks.
recoveringknowitall 7 years ago

Trying to get something for nothing is as American as apple pie!

Dev 7 years ago
This is coming at a time when artists are starting to release their albums for free, and I don't mean some unheard of indie bands. Radiohead, Oasis etc. Just look at other industries which have been affected by the spread of the internet and how they adapted. Is there a future in telecommunications companies if WiFi becomes truly global with applications such as Skype taking away the revenue of phone companies? The music industry and movie industry are extremely slow to adapt to market technologies. Making things free an open is the way forward. Money can still be made. However business models need to be adjusted which they are currently to lazy/cowardly to do. Digital piracy cannot be and never will be stopped. The only way to combat such piracy is to make sure that there is no point in copying and instead encorage people to contribute. Any Firefox users here? Plenty, I'm sure. Mozilla thrives by encouraging people to copy and spread their work same with Linux and many other Open Source applications. When the RIAA closed down the What happened. It sprung up 3 days later with exponential traffic and in three different countries making it far more difficult to closed down again. SONY is failing misreably in many of it's divisions. Low PS3 sales, bad PR regarding their music division involving DRM, Last year the battery recall and many more things that could be added to the list.
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