Sony PlayStation 3 "Move" Off to a Sizzling Start

Not all of the early reviews of Sony's PlayStation Move motion sensing controllers have been glowing, but that hasn't stopped gamers from flocking to the new hardware. According to Sony, more than a million Move devices in North and Latin America have sold in the first 30 days since launch .

"Retail demand is incredibly strong and we're working hard to keep the product in stock" said SCEA chief executive Jack Tretton. "We believe we are on target to meet our end of year goals and expect sales to increase as our publishers and developers continue to update popular titles and introduce new games."

Move wands cost $50 a pop, with Sony charging another $30 for a smaller complementary controller for navigating characters somewhat similar to Nintendo's Nunchuck (bundles are available for $100, or $400 for the PS3 bundle). The Move controllers track motion by way of an Eye camera.

The motion controlled gaming space is starting to heat up. In addition to Sony's Move technology, Microsoft is coming out with its Kinect hardware, while Nintendo's Wii console was built specifically for motion controls.

There are some two dozen games already available designed for use with Move motion controls, with 15 more games planned for release before the end the 2010.
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gibbersome 4 years ago

The colored globe looks a little silly but from what I've seen these move controllers work extremely well. Nintendo introduced the idea of motion gaming, but Sony has revolutionized it.

Der Meister 4 years ago

I have played with them as well at the Sony store. They were much better than the Wii controllers. But I think I might wait till more games use it. 

Tom Kamkari 4 years ago

I have not seen them but I can't wait to get them, I like Wii also but ps3 is something else IMO.

3vi1 4 years ago

I saw them at the local BestBuy, but was not interested. I already own a Wii (in addition to the PS3 and 360), so I suspect the games coming out for this will be very similar to things I already own.

It's hard to justify the cost of this bundle or the Kinect, when that price-point gets you half-way to a Wii (which is a gateway to all the games of this type, and a lot of others - including all the classic NES stuff).

JStewart 4 years ago

The Move is more responsive and lacks the horrible off-screen glitching of the Wii. The PS3 also has graphic capabilities that FAR outpace the Wii, while at the same time allowing you to play all your classic PSX and PS2 stuff (less for the PS2 if you were a dork and didn't buy at launch :P). Finally, if I really wanna play NES, SNES, or just about any other legacy games, I use my PSP.

w00t Move!

AKwyn 4 years ago

[quote user="JStewart"]The PS3 also has graphic capabilities that FAR outpace the Wii, while at the same time allowing you to play all your classic PSX and PS2 stuff[/quote]

While the first fact is true, it cannot play all of your PSX or PS2 games at all since it lacks the capability to do so (besides downloadable games)

On the other side, I'm not as interested in motion gaming as the other people here are but I think the move is cool.

JStewart 4 years ago

Actually, while PS2 game support was lacking with the hardware emulation used in later PS3 consoles, every model has 100% PSX support. I in fact stated that there was less PS2 support included if you hadn't purchased a launch PS3, but you managed to exclude that part from your reply.

3vi1 4 years ago

I simply don't recommend anything made by Sony to anyone anymore.  Sony has proven that they have no concern for consumer rights (removal of OtherOS, the audio CD root-kit fiasco, multiple instances of denial for covered repairs...).

I have one of the original PS3's that I can't play online anymore because I refuse to update my firmware and lose the Linux install that was half my reason for buying the thing.

sadee 4 years ago

I love the Wii specifically for the motion based controls, although there is quite a bit of glitching and the sensor isn't always on track. If I ever come across a Sony store, definitely going to check these out.

I love technology. If only I was rich...

jazzyblues98 4 years ago

I really liked the Wii just didn't have many games that got me interested in keeping it sadly. Not really a big Nintendo fan. Haven't tried the new move yet but I plan on buying one since re5 special edition and killzone 3 will be using it.

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