Sony Introduces Two New Gaming Headsets, One With 7.1 Audio

Anytime a company can attach "gaming" to the front of a product, it usually ends well for them. Gamers flock to anything that they think is built specifically for them, but lately the term has been watered down somewhat. We've got gaming mice, gaming keyboards, even gaming mouse pads. Do all of these things actually cater to the needs of the gamer? Let's ask Sony, who just issued a new pair of headphones that they proudly claim as "Gaming" headphones.

In fact, Sony calls these the ultimate weapon in gaming, with 7.1 surround sound within the DR-GA500. These are made specifically to hear shots and sound effects from all angles, but without requiring a full 7.1 speaker rig. If you live in a studio apartment, you already understand how beneficial these could be. The GA500 also houses a Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder for creating the 7.1 effect, and the GA200 is the lower-end model. Both feature 40mm drive units and a "triple enfolding" design to keep things comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

Pricing and an exact release date are both unavailable at the moment, but we are told to expect them by October.

 Sony Unveils Ultimate Weapon Gaming headsets with unique Sony surround technology

• DR-GA500 model features 7.1ch digital surround sound perfect for first person shooters (FPS)
• DR-GA500 and DR-GA200 have 40mm drive units for premium gaming sound quality
• Both showcase unique ‘triple enfolding’ design for unrivalled comfort over long periods of wear

Sony is launching two very special headsets into the gaming sector. Each has been designed in response to extensive user research that shows what different gamers want from the ideal headset.

The DR-GA500 combines a Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder with unique Sony Virtual Phones™ Technology (VPT) to create convincing 7.1ch 3D surround effects. The signal processing hardware is contained in a compact external unit.

The result is a soundscape rich in precision spatial detail that pinpoints everything from a stealthy footstep to the position of an exploding grenade. This audio environment is perfect for first person shooter (FPS) games where what you can hear is often as important as what you can see.

DR-GA500 brings out the highest gaming performance with its superb sound quality. It is something you can’t forget, if you really want to win the game.

And as every gamer knows, any advantage you can gain can make the difference between winning and losing.

Both the DR-GA500 and GA200 headsets will also appeal to an audience of strategy and online multiplayer games where long stretches of gameplay are the norm. They feature 40mm drive units for outstanding sound quality with resonant, living bass and crisp high frequencies, plus the Sony ‘triple enfolding’ design for the last word in comfortable wear.

Both headsets share exceptional visual appeal thanks to a striking and individualistic design that sets them apart from the competition. The design features durable materials and is as practical as it is eye-catching, but the real secret is the comfort factor.

The Sony triple enfolding design has its origins in user research underlining the importance of ventilation and avoiding pressure on the ear. It means long sessions of wear without the growing distraction of discomfort.

Both models incorporate a high quality, compact boom microphone to complete the ideal feature set for the most demanding of gamers.

Medal Of Honor Promotion
Hardware this good deserves to be put to the ultimate test. From October 15, both the DR-GA500 and DR-GA200 will come with a free copy of the keenly anticipated new Medal Of Honor™ single player game. Explore the background to this state-of-the-art military simulation at: and look out for the promotional sticker on the pack.
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mentaldisorder 4 years ago

Not bad looking, but can't figure out the mic on this thing...Does it sit that way or does it extend in a new way?  I'm in the market for new gaming headphones, when I get my paycheck.  I'm wondering what the cost will be...I never knew that sony was making gaming mics...

amdcrankitup 4 years ago

They are a good looking set of headphones but Im with you on the mic mental, it looks like it is in a fixed position and 4 me I would the mic to be a little longer and be able to move its position around.From the looks of them they look comfotable!

3vi1 4 years ago

I wonder if they'll ship them with a free copy of one of their music CD / Windows rootkits?

They're damned nice looking headphones, but Sony's constant abuse of their customers (rootkits and removal of PS3 features fresh in mind) has me thinking that maybe we just shouldn't buy any more of their stuff.

rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah a fixed Mic what are they thinking. Other than that they look great. I listen to a good bit of music through my headphones though as well as game through them. So a fixed attached microphone is a no sale for me. If it was retractable, pull out etc, and Sony (who generally makes good sound gear) I would buy them. This set up I am not so sure.

mrbrownsound 4 years ago

Not bad looking. Although I don't understand the design very much. Maybe this is one of those design over comfort products. I'll wait for a review before I even think about replacing my turtle beach phones.

animatortom 4 years ago

Not wireless...Not happining:P

When you look at any of the Sony headphones in this size range on display, they are always torn apart. I dont thing they have a very good build quality for the larger home headphones. I know some of their studio models are durable, but you must pay the price for the quality on those. Most of the ones I have seen for the home market seem to fall short?

At the size of these things, they should have a vibration setting for when you play games and get a head shot:P

hitech 4 years ago

This product look great. Yes, the soft gaming sound is batter for all time. I would test it soon. 


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