Sony Drops PSPgo Pricing To $199 In U.S.

It's a fact: the world isn't ready to give up on physical media entirely just yet. Well, it's not really a "fact," but it's fairly clear that at least this is true in the video game world. CD sales have been in decline for years, just as iTunes sales have been on the rise. With music, people seem to be okay with downloading digital copies. But with movies and games, it's still comforting to hold onto a physical copy.

Sony's PSPgo was an experiment of sorts to see if people were truly ready to do away with physical game discs and go digital-only. The PSPgo lacked a UMD disc slot (that still exists on the traditional PSP), meaning that the only way you could purchase and play games on it was via download. The younger generation has no trouble understanding this concept, but the price seemed a bit steep from the beginning. With a limited amount of storage space for games and media, buyers knew from the start that they were hamstrung. And clearly, sales haven't been tremendous.

Sony has just announced that they'll be slashing the price of the PSPgo in Japan and America as the holiday season approaches. It's an important time of year, and Sony knows that they have a lot to compete with. Nintendo's DS line is selling well, and a 3D version is just around the corner. The PSPgo isn't new nor novel, making a price cut the only significant way to attract attention to it.

The PSPgo has sold for $249 in the U.S. since launch, but it will be cut to $199 starting today. In Japan, the retail asking price will drop from 26,800 yen to 16,800 yen. Only time will tell if the cut will be enough; we were hoping for a more noteworthy fall, but maybe enticing bundle deals will crop up as Black Friday draws closer.
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Joel H 4 years ago

There were plenty of problems beyond just the question of adopting a digital-only system. The system battery couldn't be changed on the PSP Go (unlike the PSP), the screen is smaller, it doesn't use standard USB cables, it launched costing *more* than the PSP, PSP games couldn't be run on PSP Go, and, the kicker—Sony never guaranteed that games that came to the PSP would also be made available to the PSP Go.

Users might be quite willing to convert to digital media, if the device in question didn't suck so much compared to everything else.

3vi1 4 years ago

[quote user="Joel H"]

Users might be quite willing to convert to digital media, if the device in question didn't suck so much compared to everything else.


I totally agree, Joel.  I have an original PSP1000 that I love for hacking around with, but would not recommend the PSPGo to anyone.  I really wish they had come up with a way to make it a more open platform where anyone could develop for their app store with no substantial investment.  If I could write/run homebrew for it, I would have nothing against it.

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