Sony Announces Feb. 20 Meeting To Unveil Next-Generation PlayStation Console

The next PlayStation is coming. Soon. Out of nowhere, Sony has finally responded to the stockpile of rumors by announcing an event on Feb. 20th that'll tell the tale of the PlayStation's future. While little is detailed in the teaser video, it's clear that the public at large is being invited to learn more about the next steps in the brand's legacy.

The typical Triangle + Circle + X + Square is seen numerous times in the video, hinting that the tried-and-true PS controller may not be dead after all. While motion gaming had its time, Move never took off for Sony the way Kinect did for Microsoft. It's quite possible that Sony sticks to its roots with the PlayStation 4 (codenamed Orbis), but all will be revealed in around three weeks. Any guesses as to what the console will hold?

Via:  Sony
3vi1 one year ago

"Sony: Our priority is removing features via firmware updates to protect our bottom line, not your credit-card data."

I'm sure it will look awesome, but with their horrible track record and an EULA that says you waive your rights to sue in any class action lawsuit... you'd basically have to be a masochist to want to do business with them at this point.

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