Sold on eBay: New-in-box Apple II, Never Opened

With PCs for sale well under $1,000, nowadays $2,600 would be considered an expensive computer. But what if it's a unopened, new in the box (NIB), vintage Apple IIc? What would you pay for that?

Though bidding on vintage computers can often start as low as $1, this Apple IIc from what was then called Apple Computer Inc. was more valuable: It was still in the original packaging and had never been opened.

"When this auction came along, I knew I had to have it," Budiac said in an interview. "The prospect of unboxing a mint, 20-year-old computer was simply too good to pass up."

Yes, collectors: for those of you who are really serious about collecting, Budiac committed the ultimate evil: he opened the box.  However, as he said on his Flickr page showing the unboxing, he's never going to give it up anyway, so why not?

Via:  Computerworld
mazuki 6 years ago
that's awesome, i would hate to see it just sit. too many people buy things that are classic and don't use them or just keep them sitting.
ice91785 6 years ago
What else would you do with an Apple II? Its not like you are gonna game or surf the net with it -- displaying would be cool by be as I think it's what I would do too
Covert_One24 6 years ago

 Start folding that BAD BOY!!

methious 6 years ago

 That's awsome 20 years old new in box.  That's like a flash back for me I remember lusting for one of those years back.

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