Smart TVs Are Set To Completely Dominate The Market By 2017

When smart TVs first started to mingle with their regular flat screen counterparts, they were comparatively expensive with sometimes poorly implemented smart capabilities that were either buggy or slow (or both). And now? It's actually more difficult to find a non-smart TV, and you're not likely to save much, either. That now being the case, it's no wonder that smart TVs are expected to account for 73 percent of all flat screen TV shipments around the world by 2017.

Citing its own paid report, Business Insider says there will be around 25 million million smart TVs in American households by the end of 2016. While that seems a bit high, consumers are replacing their TVs at a greater pace these days thanks to lower prices, which in turn is fast tracking the penetration of smart TVs into the market place.

LG Smart TV

How is this impacting set-top boxes? According to BI, Apple TV and Roku have the largest market share for streaming devices, while Google's Chromecast dongle "has also achieved stellar sales numbers." Even so, smart TVs are expected to account for the majority of television shipments by 2014, even if consumers choose to ignore the baked in capabilities and roll with a set-top box instead.

Another thing to keep an eye on is platform fragmentation. Chromecast, LG, and Roku have all embraced open platforms that give developers enhanced freedom to develop apps for their devices, while Samsung, Apple, and a few others have gone with closed ecosystems.
ThomasTaege 4 months ago

Smart TVs are pretty cool, but I prefer the full functionality of an htpc.

thabusdriv3r 4 months ago

Wow, there are really that many consumers that can't use their tablet, PC, mobile, or gaming system that do the same thing. Ironic how it's a smart TV and yet the people who buy them aren't smart enough to grab any of the other devices that do the same thing. YOUR PHONE IS MOST LIKELY IN YOUR HAND, USE IT!!!! The only way I'd get a smart tv is if it was integrated into tech that I'm excited for like 4k or Curve. At that instance, I wouldn't even use it because like I said previously. Commercials for it "Hey, check out this youtube video on the big screen" instead of "hey, here's a link to a youtube screen, view it on any device you wish". I don't see Smart TVs getting past 2016 when the market for other innovations will be taking off. I see Smart Tvs like 3d Tvs in the sense that it's just a phase and people will move on to something WAYYY better and useful.

brandy47 4 months ago

I figure that I not only have a tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc but I also have a Blu-ray and a roku if I really have  to watch something on the TV. I don't see investing in a smart TV unless the prices get very close to standard TVs.

altshep123 4 months ago

It's not really apples and oranges. When I'm mobile, my phone and tablet are perfect. When I'm sitting around the house avoiding cable television I love being able to pull up, netflix, hulu, youtube, etc... on my tv, from my couch and watch video or browse the web on a 46" HD screen. Both serve up some of the same joys, but neither replaces the other.

With Chromecast and the future death of traditional cable, smart TV's are going to be all there is. The faster other devices can integrate with them, the more successful they will be.

Rosec14 4 months ago

I don't quite agree. I definitely think that smart TVs are around for the long haul. And if they had any serious contenders it would be by the likes of Google's Chromecast or Amazon's streaming box (I forget it's name). Things are absolutely better on a bigger screen, especially when you're sharing them with a group, something about having 8 people surrounding my 4" phone screen just isn't very satisfying. :P

thabusdriv3r 4 months ago

Then for parties, sure, this would be a great thing to have. But for the most part of having your family or a couple sitting at a tv, it's easier to show them on the other devices you or they have around then to go through the process of showing 1 youtube clip on your TV. Social Media applications, is it better to just post from your phone or show all the people around you what you've or are posting through your smart tv? I will give a point for Smart Tvs to be able to stream from your PC instead of hooking up your laptop to your TV via HDMI and watching it that way.

KevinOlivo 4 months ago

Yeah, because we know how great it went for the Plasma's...

ThomasTaege 4 months ago

What smart TVs do is great, no argument there. There are just better devices available to complete those tasks such as htpc, Xbox, blu ray player, etc.

RonaldSmith 4 months ago

Why is it I hate smart TVs?

WalterConn 4 months ago

I am not surprised that Smart TVs will be more common, but we have to wait and see how well they improve the functionality.

ErichBackhus 4 months ago

Given the complaints I see daily about them I gotta so no to this.

rapid1 4 months ago

Funny thing about this specifically regarding my house. About a month and a half ago now our Flat screen was broken and had to be replaced. Luckily I guess I was on site working on a custom server for a business I had built one for about 4 months ago and I was implementing some updates/changes etc. I said something about having to get a new one and the business owner told me they had a special on them at Costco that he had gotten a few days earlier. The biggest part of it was it was a new flat screen but it was specifically not the smart one with a specific brand. Included with it for about 125 less but you had to buy the 30 dollar square full replacement warranty was one of the newest ROKU sticks for free which I figured was a wash out price wise anyways but specifically was not a "Smart TV" at least with built in components the "smart" part was taken care of by the ROKU stick. The TV that had gotten broken was a "Smart" unit and the ROKU stick gives me much better capabilities than it had although it is not up to AC but still at N WIFI specifications for its wireless operations over the R7000.

rapid1 4 months ago

Just as a side note the TV we replaced was supposedly "SMART" but the in built capabilities were not up to PAR and definitely not as stable and or wide as the ROKU stick and ROKU units do not cost much anyways not to mention it auto updates to new capabilities as well quite easily.

I also personally like seeing smaller players (such as ROKU) have a more direct impact as well not to mention it is an American company.

MADSKILLZ412 4 months ago

Smart TV's are basically regular TV's with netflix... At least that's all I use mine for.

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