Skype For Windows Phone Is Coming Soon

We still can't get over the irony: Although Microsoft now owns Skype, the video calling service is still not available on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. Microsoft has promised Skype will be available someday to Windows Phone users, but that's still a pretty vague timeframe.

It would appear the Windows Phone Skype app may be nearing its release. During an interview at CES 2012, Skype's VP of products, Rick Osterloh, said the company is working on a Windows Phone product that will be "coming out soon." Although we still don't know an exact timeframe, this gives us a bit more hope that the app will actually be available sooner rather than later. With Mobile World Congress coming up next month (it begins February 27), it's possible Microsoft and Skype could launch the app there.  

Microsoft acquired Skype in October. When Microsoft and Skype announced the intended acquisition, the companies said Skype would be integrated into various Microsoft devices such as Xbox and Kinect, Xbox Live, the Windows Phone, Lync and Outlook.

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cowboyspace 2 years ago

Ummmm microsoft always internet explorer why wait that much....

dejasoul100 2 years ago

Big fail on MS's part if skype is not on WP7 by march. They've been releasing apps for apple devices, yet no skype.

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