Simon Cowell and to Launch X Factor for Geeks, In Search of the Next Bill Gates

Not every superstar has a great singing voice, so Simon Cowell and are starting a project that will highlight heroes who are more at home in a lab or a garage than on stage. So says, who described the new TV show as a place where young people can express themselves and cited mathematics and sciences as ways people might show their talents.

Given that Will.iAm referred to the project as “X Factor for tech,” it seems likely that the new show’s science and mathematics whizzes will be putting their talents in front of a judge or judges. Details about the show are hazy at the moment, including some important details, like whether the show will even be in the U.S., but it’s an interesting idea.

Simon Cowell Is Looking For The Next Bill Gates

Are you the next Bill Gates? Simon Cowell and want to have a very public chat with you.

With all the exciting tech appearing on Kickstarter and the like (and not to mention the tech startups making headlines), we bet our industries can come up with some really interesting and cool (well, our kind of cool) geeks. And X Factor for tech has to be better than most today’s TV.


Via:  The Telegraph
karanm 2 years ago

Awesome!! Finally a talent show from Simon Cowell that might be worth watching. I don't really care where it's based as long as the judges are relevant and I get to see some innovative ideas that may come to market.

sevags 2 years ago

This would be the first talent or game show that I think I would have a chance to actually be on! lol, I wouldn't win but I would be on it :)

rapid1 2 years ago

I totally agree Karanm seems like a Shark Tank type show with technical relevance being the top of the line. Oh and Sevaqs never doubt yourself when in that situation you might very well win it. Think about this Kelly Clarkston was a waitress who also either was a retired or part time stripper, she is now not only the longest lasting contestant who is now a professional from any reality show I know of. I do not really listen to her as her music is not really the type I like, but I respect her as a musician. DO you think that she thought when she went in for her initial interview that this would happen to her? I can promise you she did not. She may have recognized she had a great voice for pop music and she would be recognized for it but to win and then be successful for many, many years following I seriously doubt it.

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