Shuttle Intros Atom 330-Powered X270V Nettop PC

Generally speaking, Shuttle has stuck to the tried-and-true barebones "XPC" enclosure. That said, the company is trying something a little different with its newest product, the X270V. While certainly not the firm's first nettop, it's still a relatively new category for it. We can't help but be impressed with the differentiation here, but the lack of North American availability (at least for now) puts a slight damper on things for Yanks and Canucks.

At any rate, the Shuttle Mini-PC X270V is equipped with a dual-core Intel Atom 330 CPU (1.6GHz) and can be loaded with as much as 2GB of DDR2 system memory. Other specs include Gigabit Ethernet, 6-channel audio, PS/2-connectors, serial interface, 6x USB, VGA and DVI-out. Shuttle also claims that this system is one of its most energy efficient, and the highly-polished, black-coated case should look stunning until one of your pals puts his / her fingerprints all over it.

Outside of those specs, the rest is up to you -- you'll have the option of selecting your own hard drive and peripherals, but you'll have to pony up EUR 299 (just under $400) to get the case home to begin with.

Via:  Shuttle
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peti1212 5 years ago

Looks alright, I still like the nVidia atom system better though.

acarzt 5 years ago

This is nothing new really. Acer has been making really small PC's like this for a while. I'm overall unimpressed by this. But it does look nice.

rapid1 5 years ago

Yeah, I like the Nvidia system better to in concept. Although from what I've seen as of now it is just that a concept and not available in the commercial market. Before anyone starts I know it's been developed and reviewed by everyone since last January. But I can't buy it. I actually hope the Nvidia system get the dual core ATOM to. That is what I've been waiting to see hit the market as well1

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