Short Lines For Verizon's iPhone 4 On Launch Day

Can there be too much of a good thing? That's probably not exactly the case with Verizon's iPhone 4, but whatever it is, lines were shorter than they usually are when Apple launches a new phone. But could anyone really be surprised? Despite being rumored for ages, you have to think that most everyone in America who desperately wanted an iPhone 4 already made the switch AT&T. The iPhone brand has been around since 2007; that's a long time to hold out, and few people actually did.

The lines on Feb. 10th for the first public launch of the Verizon iPhone were very, very short around the country. Queues were minimal pretty much everywhere, and even Apple's flagship NYC store still had plenty of stock at lunch on launch day. People simply didn't flock out to switch carriers or grab a dated iPhone. And that's the other part of the problem. Despite the fact that most people believe Verizon's network is superior to AT&T's network, the iPhone 4 is old in cellphone years. An iPhone 5 is expected this summer, since Apple has delivered a new one each summer ever since the first one shipped.

So if you've waited 4 years for a Verizon iPhone 4, why not wait another 5-6 months for a Verizon iPhone 5? Judging by the short lines, that's apparently what most people are thinking -- just hold out, and then make the leap this summer. We suspect lines for Verizon's (presumed) iPhone 5 will be much, much longer.

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AKwyn 3 years ago

Shame, all I know is that the iPhone 5 launch is going to be huge as always.

ERoman 3 years ago

Oh please! Let me just laughed like I always do, since everyone was so dying to switch network and what happen? In number speaking: nothing!

3vi1 3 years ago

Frankly, I don't know why anyone would have expected crowds at all.

1) If people wanted the iPhone so bad that they were going to stand in line, they probably already have one through AT&T.

2) Why stand in line to switch service providers for the phone you already have during the middle of a billing cycle when you can walk in for immediate service over the next couple of weeks?

gibbersome 3 years ago


Absolutely agree. Most people who wanted an iPhone have already switched to AT&T. And anyone who is fed up with AT&T is most likely going to wait till the end of their contract to switch to Verizon. Also, Verizon has had quite a few pre-orders for the device already.

Anyway, it was funny looking at all the Apple stores on launch night as number of Apple employees vastly outnumbered the customers in the stores.

Papapak 3 years ago

so why didnt apple give it to verizon in the first place anyways??

rapid1 3 years ago

From what I understand Apple tried to give it to Verizon first, but Verizon refused to let Apple have the control they wanted. So they gave it to At&t who was neither expecting to get it nor were they prepared for it. From what everyone is saying or at least enough to get noticed far and wide they still are not entirely ready.

The real issue here though is everyone knows, and especially those who have been on Apple's magic carpet ride that new ones are released in June. It is now half way to March! So if you have dealt with it for this amount of time, you can wait another 4 months almost to the day from now to get the next version. Or at least so it would seem. Of course from what I have heard everyone who wanted a Verizon iPhone, and was/is a Verizon customer they got it to the tune of 5% of all smart phone customers in the US. This is because the iPhone's percentage in the smart phone market specifically focused on Verizon is supposedly now 5%.

Until today I believe it was only available to pre-subscribers to Verizon. Most of the people as I mentioned who have already been on this ride with At&t know the release schedule probably by heart.

3vi1's point also stand to reason. I personally do not know really why Verizon did not just wait anyway until June. I imagine though anyone who had to have an iPhone on Verizon most likely will also have to have version 5 as soon as it is released as well. Sounds like either there not smart which I think we know is not the case (Even if they did not bank on the amount of market play this little Apple device would have), or there smarter than a whipped iPhone devotee.

I personally had the Samsung big gun on Sprint for 28 days, but there network did not work at my home when I got back from being on the road. Now I have Sprint who is willing if I come back to provide me a femtocell for free at my home if I come back. There is just to much going on right now to commit to being locked down for 2 years. Maybe after next weeks MWC, or at least by July because everything or at least greatly so that's coming to market should be here by then. Sprint's big release date for the Evo was the first week of June as i understand has been the case for many of there premium phones.

So no matter who I go to as a provider or what phone I decide I want by the end of June I should be somewhat secure in the level of technology I will get, and what or who I will go with. Quality wise the Atlanta area for some reason is prime location wise. Everyone pretty much has above average coverage here it seems. My personal ordeal with Sprint is not I have found out a singular thing among providers.

At the corner of my street (viewable on all coverage maps) in either direction for 100 yards as well as in depth from the street running directly through my house I seem to be in a coverage pocket for every provider even Verizon. Although with Verizon I personally know it is at a level (currently) I can deal with, as it will be with Sprint with a femtocell, and I am pretty sure it is with At&t because my brother never has issues when he comes over..

Basically unless you had to have it on Verizon and now no matter what you probably have it. Of course they will trickle in for it probably until the next one is released. Then those who had to have it now, or between now and then who have to have it will pay for it as well.

realneil 3 years ago

That film clip was funny,.....Tongue Tied.....sort of like walking the guantlet in medievil times,.....

Three people that I know who were going to get the iPhone from Verizon told me that they had decided to hold off for a while because of the way that Verizon changed their terms of service and Data plans at the last minute. I'm not sure if there is a huge groundswell of people who dislike these changes, or there are other reasons for the 'less than spectacular' turnout.

My friends say that they'll wait now to see what other early adapters have to say about the service after some time has passed. I remember that many people were unhappy with AT&T's experience,...............

I don't blame them for holding off.

gibbersome 3 years ago

Verizon did make some crappy changes to their policies including:

1. They initially ended the $15/150MB data plan for the $30 unlimited, but now it turns out that the unlimited plan is only temporary. Anyone waiting for the new iPhone may not get the chance to purchase the unlimited plan.

2. The New Every Two program is being canceled. The program formerly offered an incentive credit of $30 to $100 toward the purchase of a new phone and contract every two years.

3. They are changing their return policy from 30 to 14 days.

4. They are going to start throttling the top 5% of data users. 

Verizon releasing the iPhone 4.0 now instead of waiting for iPhone 5.0 in June could be something that Apple pushed for. Having people upgrade every 1-2 generations is part of their business model so this is Apple's way of double dipping into the Verizon consumer market.

I get the feeling with all the new changes, AT&T and Verizon might alienate several customers. At this point, unless you want an iPhone, Sprint and T-mobile have better incentives.

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