Sharkoon Expands PC Tower Line With Scorpio

Sharkoon announced a new chassis known as the Scorpio that allows SSDs and 2.5-inch hard drives to be used without any special adapter frames. The case has support for a total of six 3.5 inch drives. Two of these bays feature a Fast Swap Mechanism directly on the housing front. The Sharkoon Scorpio also has room for up to seven extension cards and up to five 5.25 inch drives. On the top I/O panel, you'll find an eSATA and two USB2.0 ports, headphones and microphone ports as well as the Power and Reset buttons.

Sharkoon Scorpio: installation amongst others of 2.5 inch SSDs plus Fast Swap Mechanisms for 3.5" SATA Hard Drives | two types with varied fronts and air fixtures | MSRP 69.90 Euros

Sharkoon has expanded their PC tower product line: The new ATX, called the "Scorpio", offers diverse and practical mounting options for hard drives of various formats.

With the Scorpio, Sharkoon presents their first tower in which SSDs as well as hard drives with 2.5 inch Form Factor can be used without any special adapter frames needing to be installed: Behind the mesh drive faceplates on the completely black SECC tower are four drive bays for suitable smaller data mediums. In addition, there is space for a total of six 3.5 inch drives. Two of the six 3.5 inch mounting bays are equipped with a Fast Swap Mechanism directly on the housing front which enables the easy installation of SATA hard drives: Installed on the backside of the mounting cage is a panel with two internal SATA ports. The user only needs to open the faceplate panel, remove one of the two secured mounting frames using the locking lever, screw the hard drive to the frame and re-secure into the bay. The tower panel provides a 4-pin power supply adapter and two unregulated fan connectors beside the two SATA connectors.

In addition to the hard drives, the Sharkoon Scorpio can include up to seven extension cards and up to five 5.25 inch drives. The drives can be secured by thumbscrews thanks to the laterally adjustable mounting rails.

For a clean cable management system within the black finished interior there are several cable bays and feed-throughs provided. The main board panel also has an opening to easily mount a CPU cooler. Through the rubber protected openings on the back of the tower an e-SATA cable and two water cooler hoses can be installed. The power supply sits on the bottom of the tower over the air intake with a removable dust filter and allows, depending on the preferred ventilation, the fan to be installed in either an upward or downward position. The top I/O panel provides an eSATA and two USB2.0 ports, headphones and microphone ports as well as the Power and Reset buttons. The tower measures 508 x 210 x 503 mm (L x W x H) and weighs around 7.25 grams.

Sharkoon offers the Scorpio on the market in two versions which differ in the fan and front panel design. The Sharkoon Scorpio 1000 comes with a high gloss plastic front frame. The mesh design of the drive panel is broken through by the preinstalled, blue illuminated 120mm LED fan which cools the upper removable hard drives. Another 120mm fan is installed on the backside. Optionally, a 200mm or two 120mm fans can be attached to the left panel using the provided mesh grill, plus two 120mm or two 140mm fans on the top.

The front edging of the Sharkoon Scorpio 2000 consists of matte finished plastic. For hard drive cooling a blue illuminated LED fan is also preinstalled, the difference between its counterpart the Scorpio 1000 is that it features an edge length of 140mm and is mounted behind the mesh drive covers. Additionally, an 80mm fan cools the SATA hard drive in the Fast-Swap-Bays. Also, the Scorpio 2000 provides a 120mm fan in the back and pre-drilled holes for a 200mm or two 120mm fans on the left side and two 120mm or two 140mm fans on the top.

End customers will find the Sharkoon Scorpio 1000 and the Sharkoon Scorpio 2000 available immediately for the suggested manufacturers retail price of 69.90 Euros from authorized retailers.

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realneil 3 years ago

$95.00 is not too far out of line. They have good features and they look OK too.

inspector 3 years ago

it actually looks pretty nice, price is great as well!

rapid1 3 years ago

I don't know I think I would go with the Thermaltake case over this one, although they look somewhat familiar the advantages are directly noticeable as well as worth the extra 200 I think. The 10 GT has five live drives, USB 3, a awesome layout, impeccable interior etc etc. A case much like a motherboard is one of those things about a build to me. Where a motherboard is the back bone of a system the case is it's skin/persona so it is worth extra money for those just right components at least to me.

rapid1 3 years ago

Another thought on this to it seems like live drives are becoming more of a norm as well which is nothing but a great thing all the way around.

inspector 3 years ago

I personally would prefer a whole case over the level 10 GT. The Level 10GT is real epic, but it just has one down side in looks for me. i don't really like the handle poping out up there, it throws it a bit off for me. But still both are 10-10 cases :) based on looks

coolice 3 years ago

Guys... we cant compare a ~$250 case to a ~$100 case haha.

Thats comparing a porche to a ferrari... both are sports cars, but ones more accessible than the other.

I'm surpirsed though, not usb3.0 ports.

Even the scorpio 2000, which is the case on the right, without the visible fan has no usb3.0 ports.

A quick look on the website... none of the cases i browsed through have a usb 3.0 input.... a little surprising because ~$100 case... you'd expect them to put a little bit more work into it.

chondro72 3 years ago

i think i found my new case

i like the inside better than the corsair 600t

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