Secret Service Investigating "Kill Obama" Facebook Poll

The Secret Service is investigating a Facebook poll which had been posted Saturday and was taken down Monday morning after the Secret Service alerted Facebook. The poll asked "Should Obama be killed?"

The responses included:
  • yes
  • maybe
  • if he cuts my health care
  • no

You can see an image of the now-deleted poll above. It shows that at least at one point there were over 700 votes.

Here is a statement from Facebook:
“The third-party application that enabled an individual user to create the offensive poll was brought to our attention this morning. It was immediately suspended while the inappropriate content could be removed by the developer and until such time as the developer institutes better procedures to monitor their user-generated content. We’re working with the US Secret Service but they’ll need to provide any details of their investigation.”
The Secret Service naturally takes anything like this quite seriously, and is investigating. The Huffington Post noted that another user quickly created a poll asking "Should the creator of 'should Obama be killed' be arrested?"
Kiristo 5 years ago

I think they should leave healthcare how it is. You're better off buying your own healthcare or getting a job that provides it than having the government pay for it. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is very good, you won't get something like that by the government, but you will be paying for everyone else's healthcare too. The way we have it now works better than say France's, which provides the best government healthcare supposedly, but you make considerably less money from any job because everyone has to pay into the government healthcare. I'd rather risk not getting hurt/sick or just pony up some cash for health insurance than have them take my money and give me what they think I need coverage for.

Oh, and that poller is stupid.

Dave_HH 5 years ago

Good arguments Kiristo. And totally agree, that pole and the person behind is pretty ignorant.

gibbersome 5 years ago

Kristo, both your arguments are mute when you take into consideration that we pay more for our health care as a percentage of our GDP (16%) than France does (10%). So even if we do a half-butted job that France has done, we'd still be paying much much less. And I would be insulted if someone said that we couldn't run a much more efficient health care system than the French.

Secondly, you're already paying for someone else's health problems. That's how insurance works, everyone pools money into one big pot in the event someone gets sick. Illegal immigrants/uninsured receive health care through ER rooms which costs the hospitals money who in turn send inflated bills to your insurance provider to make up the cost. And the insurance company will pass on those costs to you, after taking a nice big cut first.

While I don't believe that we should completely replace the private health insurance sector (like you said, Blue Cross, Blue Shield is good if you can afford it), there should be a public option. If you want to keep your private insurance, keep it. If not, then you have the choice of getting the public option. We already have this in the form of medicare/medicaid, but not everyone qualifies for it.

Since I'm in medical school, I've already spent more time discussing and arguing the merits/deficiencies of a public health care system with colleagues, professors, doctors, hospital administrators, even insurance execs than most people will during their entire lives.

So I can say with some confidence that the current we have right now is not working and will continue to get worse.

3vi1 5 years ago

>> The way we have it now works better than say France's, which provides the best government healthcare supposedly.

My father and my wife's father lost their jobs not to long ago, and I'm seeing very clearly what it's like to pay for insurance on your own and to find a job that offers it in our current economic situation.

So, please turn down the Glen Beck... We're not even close to what France has. They're #1 in health care and we're #37. I repeat... We're not even _close_.

For the nearly 46 million Americans that have no health care at all (15% of our population)... it's not a question of getting something as good as what a private company offers, it's a question of being bankrupted for life or dying.

Okay... I'm done talking politics.

Soupstyle 5 years ago

Not that I want to start ranting, but in general, I saw lots of making fun of GWB for seeming childish and not intelligent and Cheney being evil, but nothing this malicious. From my perspective it seems that the "right" seems to take things to the next level over what the "left" did when they weren't in power. I think maybe they are overcompensating for the semi-left mainstream media bias. To go to the levels of claim the PotUSA is not a citizen because his father wasn't or muslim due to his middle name or any of the other things that have been expressed is going to far in my opinion.

realneil 5 years ago

This one floored me. I've never seen such disrespect for our POTUS before.

I think that they need to teach a lesson to whoever started this on Facebook.

Did the dimwits think that there would be no repercussions when they posted this crap? Didn't they realize that the US Secret Service takes threats to the President seriously?

Maybe they just didn't think at all.

gibbersome 5 years ago

The poll is stupid, but obviously not to be taken seriously.

I have seen such disrespect before though it was for our last president, but I don't remember seeing something as malevolent as this.

Drago 5 years ago

never seen such disrespect for the president....where were you for the last 8 years where everyone bashed Bush and disrespected him. Face it, anyone at the top of power is going to get more than their fair share of disrespect and blame even for things he hasnt done. Obama talked the talk to get into office, now he has to walk it and is doing a horrible job at it. Why do you think people are upset?

The healhcare system is FUBARed and needs to be fixed. Any sort of change is better than leaving it the way it is. Just looking at the bills that came in for when my Dad got rushed to the ER and had to have surgery, it is just stupid crazy what gets put on the bill, and how much they charge. They charge such ludicrous amounts cause they know the insurance company "might" pay all or most of it, then YOU the patient have to come up with the rest of the money. My dad was in the hospital for 4 days and had a bill in excess of 100k, and that is just the hospital bill, not the doctor's bill or the surgeon's bill. When he came home he was still thawing out of the anesthesia, and was loopy for nearly a week before he finally came around to halfway normal. He couldnt hardly walk without a walker, and was barely able to go to the bathroom by himself. They had him hopped up on percoset and vicoden (cant spell but close?), and he ended up finally getting off of most of his 15 meds the damn doctors sent him home with, he finally came back to being normal and could hold an intelligent conversation. Doctors push pills and dont think twice about what it will cost you as they believe everyone to have GREAT insurance that pays for most of what the doctors charge and in turn all that you have to pay goes towards your deductible.

Healh care in this country is messed up because of pharmaceutical companies lobbying congress and able to influence lawmaking because of greed. Greed is the main reason this country is in the crapper now, and there is no one to blame but the parents that didnt teach lil Timmy and lil Sarah to share and be happy with what they have. Instead most kids and adults now a days are pretty damn wonder divorce rates are so high with the whole "you have a right to be happy" line of crap that gets fed to everyone. If it isnt easy, fun, or profitable most people will not do it. It is sad that this country has come to this, just more of a mess for my generation to have to try to clean up.

3vi1 5 years ago

Amen Drago! I may disagree with you about Obama, but I totally agree about the current industry:  It has been my observation that anyone who does not think there's something wrong with the health-care system in this country has not had to make use of it for anything beyond an office visit.

I have had hair-graying experience with insurance companies declining payment for thousands of dollars they were completely responsible for. I'm tired of having them dispute a claim SIX times only to finally say "Oh yeah, that obviously should have been paid by us. Sorry!"

I don't necessarily want to buy the government plan, but I want an option that will drive the private companies into operating at a higher standard with less BS.

realneil 5 years ago

I saw allot of disrespect for Bush, but I didn't once see online polls concerning his assassination. This has gone much farther than Bush/Cheney bashing.

I too think that Health care in America needs drastic overhauling.

I can remember seeing a charge for $75.00 bucks on my mother's bill years ago for the 2 Tylenol she got for pain during one of her stays.

This has come about since corporations started running the show.

I've seen people denied for "Experimental" procedures that would have, or could have, saved their lives. But human life is far less important to them than spending some of the cash that they're raking in.

Doctors over charge by 75% to insurance companies who pay only part of the bill and whack the consumer for as much as they can get away with. Hospitals do the same thing, knowing that insurance companies never pay the full bill. Never! So medical prices keep going up for no good reason and insurance bills skyrocket too.

It's all a corporate shake down and we're the ones that ultimately pay for it.

So YES, Change our health care, something to reign-in these creeps!

andyparker01 5 years ago

its very bad man it should not happen.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

I know it's in poor taste, but I wonder what the results were.  I'm guessing very few people voted yes.

realneil 5 years ago

The result was probably that the poster was up to his ass in Secret Service Agents. Big Smile

I'm betting that he wishes he had a "Go Back" button to push.

Soupstyle 5 years ago

The result of this is the poster finding him/her-self in a windowless cell in Guantanamo bay.

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