Say Goodbye to More Blockbuster Locations, Dish Network Says

Perhaps Dish Network should just pull the plug on Blockbuster completely, but instead it looks like the once popular DVD rental store is destined to die a slow death. The satellite service provider indicated it would be closing more Blockbuster locations in the coming months than originally planned, and those that remain will turn into quasi-Dish Network customer service locations.

News of additional closures comes from Dish Network Chief Executive Joe Clayton, who spoke with Reuters at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Clayton said that any location not making a profit will be boarded up.

Source: Flickr (lucias_clay)

"We are committed to keeping the profitable stores open that are generating positive cash flow, but there are ones that aren't going to make it," Clayton told Reuters. "We will close unprofitable stores. We will close additional stores."

Dish Network forked over $320 million for Blockbuster in a bankruptcy auction last year, and at the time, it was hopeful of keeping 1,500 stores open. But Blockbuster has struggled to remain relevant, both offline (DVD rentals and kiosks) and online (streaming service), facing stiff competition from Redbox and Netflix.
Via:  Reuters
AKwyn 2 years ago

Well it may not be doing well in terms of competition with Redbox and Netflix but it is working in terms of Dish Network's strategy. I mean the Blockbuster brand is still viable and those Blockbuster locations could be used to entice new customers to both Blockbuster and Dish Network.

Don't know why people aren't picking up the bait, maybe they need to improve their offerings?

omegadraco 2 years ago

Netflix and redbox are certainly hurting blockbuster but it is good that Dish is at least going to try and keep the profitable stores open.

CDeeter 2 years ago

You know sometimes I miss having a video rental store in town. Redbox doesn't have all that many titles available, and the ones they do have are limited to only a few copies. And you can't always find what you want on streaming sites either.

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