Samsung Releasing Their Own Smartwatch? Galaxy "Altius" Screens Break Cover

The next big thing in mobile could be the smartwatch. It's already been rumored that Apple's working on a smart, curved glass watch (more than once, actually) based on iOS, and now there's evidence Samsung might be showing interest in the category as well.

SamMobile posted more than half a dozen screenshots of what the tipster claims is from a Samsung smartwatch test operating system called Galaxy "Altius," though there are some red flags that the pictures might be fake. It starts with the codename Altius, which has already been attached to Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S IV device.


Two of the pictures contain a mis-spelling of the codename in the upper-right corner, referring to the OS as "Altios" instead of Altius, which is another red flag, plus that fact that Samsung doesn't typically post codenames on its splash screens.

Real or fake, however, there appears to be a lot of interest in smartwatches lately, a category that isn't really new but has yet to take off. You can bet that if either Apple or Samsung comes to market with such a device, the other will follow suit.
Via:  SamMobile
tinonolasco one year ago

Most of these watches are doomed for failure. It doesn't matter how elegant the OS is, or how responsive the touchscreen is, or even how vibrant the display is. Each time you touch the screen you black out a huge portion of display. Can you imagine if you have an oversized hand. Guess what most men do. A possible solution would be the pointing device from Crucialtec. How else would they do it?

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