Samsung Hints at Galaxy S III Mini Launch on October 11th

It appears as though Samsung is prepping a smaller size Galaxy S III device to launch a little over a week from now. The company's German division has been sending out press invites, and while it doesn't come right out and confirm the existence of a Galaxy S III Mini, it strongly hints at it.

Translated via Google, the text reads: "As large and small can be so small can be big." Yeah, not very helpful there. As luck would have it, TechRadar happens to have a German native on staff, who provided a much better (and accurate) translation.

"That's how big small can be," the translated text in the press invite correctly reads.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung may launch a smaller version of the Galaxy S III (shown above) on October 11th.

There's a familiar Galaxy "S" logo on the background of the invite, so whatever it is, it will be part of the Galaxy S family. Previous rumors suggest the Galaxy S III Mini won't actually be all that tiny, at least not when compared with other smartphones on the market. It's rumored to have a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, which is 0.8 inches smaller than the regular Galaxy S III and the same size as the iPhone 5, along with a 5MP rear-facing camera.

Other likely features include a slower processor (compared to the Galaxy S III) and lower price tag.
Via:  TechRadar
mhenriday 2 years ago

Intrigued by Paul's report, I managed to find an image showing the German original. The text in large type reads, translated as literally as possible «so big can little be», while the one in small text reads «so little can big be». Witzig !...


sevags 2 years ago

It this was as powerful as the sIII I would consider it! Finally modern android phones with smaller screens!!!!!! As long as the hardware specs aren't weak.... I would call this the galaxy SIiI instead of SIII lol

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