Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

There's no doubt the Apple iPad has taken the market by storm. Although tablets have been around for some time, no other manufacturer has managed to create the same level of demand for a tablet like Apple has created for the iPad. These days, it seems everyone wants an iPad—kids included. Of course, other manufacturers aren't going to let Apple be the only competitor in this hot market. There are a number of tablets in the works, many of which will run on Android, the first solid competitor it seems, to Apple's iOS.

Today, we're going to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This 7-inch tablet is doesn't have the same amount of screen real estate as Apple's iPad, but its smaller screen also makes it more portable. Running Android 2.2 (Froyo), the Galaxy Tab also offers support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, which Apple's iPad lacks...

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

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rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah; the Apple iPad is the big fish in this pond right now. However; it is also a rather expensive one, at least for it's available components, as well as it's capabilities. This in many ways comes down to one thing. The main function of any Apple device is to gain access to the iTunes/iSoftware site. Other than that you have no luck. Talk about a closed product Apple is the most dominating and closed in there space.

I find it kind of funny that you always hear people griping about how Microsoft has ruined the world, and they kill open software packages such as Linux etc. You never hear a word about Apple, which for all applications basically runs on a modified custom version of Unix. Therefore; in reality Apple runs on a custom version of Linux, but your not supposed to run Linux applications on there platform.This would seem more like a direct affront to me.

Anyways back to the main subject at hand Slate devices. I really think these type of devices to have a big market wide impact. The reason I say this is because for a general user it is a very simple mobile computing, media consumption, E-reading multi-device.

Now as well as in the immediate future a lot of these type of devices are coming from many many avenues be it the big players like HP/DELL, and the newer players in the market. as well

So Apple will keep there closed device, and market, and the rest of the world will continue. This as I am sure you've heard reference to has happened before, and Apple was a very big player at that time. Then they lost it almost completely. This is a new device as well as category really, but they are still using the same play book.

At the end game that play book is full of loosing drives. So therefore in the end they loose. I don't mind if you believe me, and I also know they have lightened up on the software inclusion side to a degree. In the end closed platforms loose in the world of computing on a consumer side of things.

You can ask HP, IBM, Compaq (which is now owned by HP), or just about any other OEM. They kept the closed only works with approved software much longer at least successfully than Apple did (PCdos,OS2 etc).

This was through varying version of DOS, custom Windows versions, software locks in there components etc. That in the end was a loosing strategy, because people like to do what they want with the devices they have purchased in general. Closed minds, software platforms etc may to some point win for some time in corporate environments, but not in commercial ones.

SO this may run for a while, but from what I have heard the number one selling smart phone in the world now runs on Android. Apple is now in the number two spot, next year it will be #3, the following year #4, the next year it won't matter anymore.

Fads change, Android development outpaces Apple development, and in the end Apple will have a little closed off back corner at the PC store, just like they did 5 years ago. There will be one person there who will be the only rep in the store on duty, and waiting for one of 5-10 people at most who come in for equipment a day. I do think it will be faster than it was last time because the internet shakes the dust off it's shoulders much quicker than was at that time the case.

That is also not to mention there are several other platforms being developed or operational now, which are all tied by one thing. They are open to some degree if not entirely. They are being developed by the big or biggest players as well. So I see Apple being steam rolled all over again. The day following it most will be amazed, the day following that they will forget.

SammyHayabuza 4 years ago

I disagree, Apple just has to many tricks up their sleeve, and I'm sure they learned from their past mistakes and if you been following in these last years, their play book drives are mostly , all winning.

[quote user="rapid1"]

SO this may run for a while, but from what I have heard the number one selling smart phone in the world now runs on Android. Apple is now in the number two spot, next year it will be #3, the following year #4, the next year it won't matter anymore.


I dont believe that, next year the I-Phone will be available on Verizon, and soon after,other carriers, plus the fact that they are widely available in networks all around the world and steadily rising in popularity. Also remember that I-Pad version 2 and I-Phone 5 are coming, not to mention, some trendy new devices that'll surely shake the world again.

3vi1 4 years ago

Is this locked down to running their Android images only, or is it an open device that could also easily accept a real Linux distro?

Dave_HH 4 years ago

Good question 3vi1..... Not a clue but we should ask.

3vi1 4 years ago

>> we should ask.

Please do! I'm one of those geeks that likes to have complete control over his devices for programming/hacking-around.... so the ability to reinstall with my own image and run tons of free GNU software would definitely bring this thing up a few levels in my mind.

It would also potentially greatly extend the life of the unit... by allowing people to run custom compiled kernels long after Samsung is done supporting it. Of course, with the built-in battery that might be moot anyway... unless someone else continues to make replacements that aren't hard to install.

acarzt 4 years ago

My GF has the Galaxy tab, and my mom and dad have iPads.

I love the Galaxy, it's just plain awesome.

The iPad is prety nice but I had a less than stellar experience attempting to browse the internet.

The one thing the iPad does that I really wish the Galaxy tab did... is stream netflix. But supposedly that is coming. Who knows when tho.

And 3vi1. I know people are already working on getting linux on this thing. I think I read somewhere that someone got ubuntu on it. A quick google search would probably provide an answer.

DNangauta 4 years ago

For comparison sake, I'd like to weigh in here about 'speedtest' on my iphone4.

With it, I am consistently able to achieve 18,500 kbps download speeds; and 3,300 kbps -up.

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