Samsung Galaxy S5 Retail Launch Could Be Delayed Due To Camera Issues

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, is coming soon, but its release is reportedly being delayed by an issue with its camera. Specifically, according to Korean news site ETNews, is that Samsung can’t figure out a way to fit all the parts for the device’s 16MP camera together without damaging the lens.

The lens module is comprised of six plastic parts, which is one piece more than the 13MP module; however, while the number of parts has increased, their thickness has not decreased, thus leading to a situation wherein the whole unit is a hair too thick. The lens could be damaged and experience optical distortion if they try to force the unit together.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The site reported that in an ongoing effort to fix the problem, Samsung’s purchasing officers are spending much more time than normal at the lens suppliers’ production facilities.

With delays, it’s increasingly possible that Samsung will miss the Galaxy S5’s April 11th launch date.
Via:  ETNews
JefferyPruett 9 months ago

I heard from a random rumor which kinda offset me in way is that this thing going to cost supposedly 900 dollars really?

JaySleven 9 months ago

I don't think it would cost that much, And if you were getting it with a plan or an upgrade it would of course be around the normal 2-300 dollar range I'm sure. Sad to see it delayed though. I want this phone.

AbCDefghi1 9 months ago

helps since its the only thing going for the damned thing

ricofrost 9 months ago

Well to buy a iPhone 5s it cost you $869 16Gb, $999 32GB, $1129 64GB .Got my wife the 16GB Samsung Galaxy 5 for $580 with 32GB SD card out right here in Australia.

I think they will be around the $700 mark in Australia.

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

I Wish Money Grew on Trees right about now xD

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