Samsung Galaxy S4 Makes Cameo Appearance in Browsermark Benchmark

While the verdict remains out on which CPU will find itself inside of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4, a result posted to Browsermark's database today leads us to believe that it's going to become the market-leader - at least where raw CPU performance is concerned. The result references "GT-I9500", which is widely believed to be the internal codename for the S4.

The phone scores an impressive 2710, with testing having been conducted using Google Chrome 25. By comparison, the iPhone 5 previously topped Browsermark's list with a score of 2416 (using Safari). Samsung's soon-to-be-previous-flagship Galaxy S III LTE scores 2359.

With these results, it appears that Samsung's Galaxy IV will be sitting comfortably as the phone to beat for quite some time. Phones powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 800, Tegra 4 (or 4i), or even the Exynos 5 Octa are not slated to come out until at least Q3. As previously mentioned, Samsung will be holding a launch event on March 14 in New York City for its IV, although we won't know until then when it's going to actually become available for purchase.

It seemed strange at first to learn that Samsung might have dropped Exynos from the S4's plans and instead adopted Snapdragon, but if so, this benchmark can definitely paint the reason why.

Via:  Browsermark
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I like galaxy S5.

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