Samsung Galaxy Note II Smartphone Review

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was a bit of an oddity. When it was first introduced, many reviewers, analysts, and industry pundits scoffed at the device’s relatively large form factor. The 5.3” screen on the original Note looked simply gargantuan next to anything else available on the market at the time, leading many folks to call the original Note a “phablet”.

In spite of the widespread criticisms of the original Galaxy Note’s form factor, a funny thing happened—Samsung sold a boatload of them. And what do you get when the first product in an unchartered market is a success? A sequel, that’s what. Today Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note II in the U.S and we’ve got the full scoop for you on the pages ahead...

Samsung Galaxy Note II Smartphone Review

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rapid1 2 years ago

Yeah; I have been watching this one for quite a while, and on my next upgrade it will most likely be the one I go for. The problem is that is not until next April by then there mat very well be worthwhile competition. I use my Sensation for now which I got a couple of days prior to release and it is as well as has been an outstanding phone. I have gotten where I process pretty consistent business over the web now in my several channels and use the GPS, programs, take credit cards etc as well as do some live web replies/conversations with perspective customers as well as onsite submissions so a little bigger display especially with the active pen input will be great to.

molanjames 2 years ago

Samsung has been relatively prompt and punctual regarding their Android 4.0 updates, which is good news for Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note owners. The international version of the Galaxy S II received it’s update in March, and now check out 5 New Features added in the AT&T Galaxy Note Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Update

mhenriday 2 years ago

One of our retirees bought one recently and brought it round to show the populace - of course it hasn't received anywhere near the publicity provided the iPhone5, but that's par for the course here in Sweden ; I doubt that the Second Coming would inspire journalists here as much as the latest and greatest from Cupertino. Be that as it may, I hope the learning curve for this device isn't too steep - some of our club members are no doubt going to be asking me for help with this beast, and I don't even own a mobile phone, much less Samsung's top-of-the-line....


rapid1 2 years ago

We seem to be hitting a nice pocket of specialized devices now from all sides the mini iPad is out this Samsung note 2 the Surface the Fire HD etc etc and the all in many ways fit into the same area even though there just as different as alike in many ways. The RT surface and this one from Samsung both in there own way seems to be above the rest as well as special in there own unique ways as well.

TotalWattage 2 years ago

I desperately wanted the original SG Note, it reminded me of my beloved Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC. I will be getting a Galaxy Note 2 with my Tax refund!

kinggeek 2 years ago

I am always loyal to Samsung.

So will be to Galaxy Note II.:)

choibean 2 years ago

Seems legit :D

Combatd 2 years ago

How is the battery life on this phone with Juicedefender installed?

ironmann520 2 years ago

from what i hear with out juice defender the battery lasts all day long with lots of usage. so with juice defender i can possibly see battery lasting over a day

altereDad 2 years ago

Portability to me requires one thing... how long will it last?

Honestly I like the design and size. The stylus makes me think of it as much more than a phone or mobile app device.

Overall, a great design, and marvellous specs. I'd throw money in for something like this. It certainly beats my current fling. The EVO 3D. Honestly the best thing of the EVO is the Sense software provided by HTC.

electrolyte 2 years ago

I am very excited about this phone... I think I see a Note II box under my Christmas Tree!

shima ismail 2 years ago

where can i buy this , plz email me

dugwood2 2 years ago

I would love to have one. But unfortunately, it is not available with no-contract phone plans. After being with Sprint for 12+ years i left them for a no-contract plan with Virgin Mobile. I still have unlimited everything but I am paying a hundred dollars less per month. The money I am saving makes it possible to pay for a nice phone but, the Note (I or II) is not available. They have iphones but the screen is too small for me. Not to mention I am an Android fan. The best I can do is get an EVO 3D (4.3") or a Samsung Galaxy SII (4.52") Oh well, maybe in the future...

thunderdan602 2 years ago

This and the HTC DNA are worth a look for Verizon.

JarretBarber one year ago

Does anyone know how to deactivate 4g? It is absolutely smashing my battery life.. id be lucky to get 4-5 hours solid use out of it. Im amazed at how much price has come down in recent years though, really makes smart phones accessible by anyone.

digitaldd one year ago

[quote user="JarretBarber"]

Does anyone know how to deactivate 4g? It is absolutely smashing my battery life.. id be lucky to get 4-5 hours solid use out of it. Im amazed at how much price has come down in recent years though, really makes smart phones accessible by anyone.


Sprint has a guide up here

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