Samsung Galaxy Note II Sales Top 1 Million in Korea

Samsung was on to something when it decided to bridge the gap between a smartphone and tablet. Hence the Galaxy Note was born, which has since passed the torch to the Galaxy Note II. Samsung's second generation phablet (phone + tablet = phablet) is selling pretty well, achieving a million sales in South Korea since launching in September, the company announced.

It gets more impressive. Domestic and worldwide sales reached 5 million units a month ago, which is three times higher than the first generation Galaxy Note achieved in early sales. It should be noted that Samsung sold 10 million Galaxy Notes in its first 10 months, so in all likelihood, the Galaxy Note II will perform even better, based on early sales figures.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Galaxy Note II isn't the only phablet making waves. LG's sold the same number of Optimus Vu phablets in South Korea, though it's taken a little longer to reach that milestone. While the Galaxy Note II came out in September, LG's Optimus Vu has been on the market since March 2012. It's also unclear if LG is including sales of both the Optimus Vu and Optimus VU II.

In any event, there's clearly a market for phablets.
SmogHog one year ago

Yeap,I'm one of the million.

Great phone!

Carrier = SK

$55 = 1mo 2yr contract(incl tax)

200 min

300 texts

1.5GB Data

thunderdan602 one year ago

My contract is up with Verizon and I'm looking to get this phone and stay with Verizon. I had planned on going elsewhere but Verizon still seems to have the best coverage here in the US.

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