Samsung Captivate Android Smartphone Review

Smartphone manufacturers have been using very boastful smartphone names lately—everything from the HTC Droid Incredible to the Motorola Droid X (where X stands for extreme). Certainly with names such as these, expectations will be high. We've already taken a look at both of these phones and deemed them to be worthy competitors in today's smartphone market.

Samsung is following in line with this trend of offering a smartphone with a name that tends to evoke great expectations with its Captivate smartphone. As one of four smartphones in the company's Galaxy S line of devices, the Captivate boasts of a number of compelling features including a 1GHz processor, 4-inch screen, and a price that's a penny under $200...

Samsung Captivate Android Smartphone Review


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realneil 4 years ago

Nice looking phone. Why doesn't it wash the dishes?

rapid1 4 years ago

Rofl; well I will have to see if I can coax the washing the dishes out of it when I get home in October. I bought the Epic version of the Galaxy S yesterday with Sprint. I had actually looked at it last Saturday at BB in Arkansas (and of course have been watching it for a bit online), the BB guy said there pre-order would probably sell out the morning of release. I told him I would be on the road anyway, and he said my best bet all around was to try and find a BB off the beaten path. Well I was picking up a truck for my run out west in Milwaukee Wisconsin the 30th, and left to drive back to Arkansas the 31st at 7:00. On the way at the bottom pf Illinois before Springfield about an hour I stopped to fill up in the middle of farmland and not much else. Right across from the gas station there was a strip mall with a hair cutting establishment annd a Radio Shack. So I went in he had 3 or 4 of the Epic's he'd just gotten in so I bought one as well as a Bluetooth HS, 150 watt power inverter, clear screen covers, and a rubber bumper all around case.

While I am pretty sure the dish washing is a fantasy, it does a lot, and does it all very fast. This is my first smart phone, which I have been waiting to get for quite a good while now.

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="rapid1"]This is my first smart phone, which I have been waiting to get for quite a good while now.[/quote]

Glad you were able to get the one that you wanted. Enjoy it.

MKiefer 2 years ago

Look I love what I see so far but being old school I cant find anything that has info on how things work and or how to set things up. The info that came with it help set it up to run and that's about it. where can I go to learn how to use this tech monster. I'm 61 so it could be me but I know a bunch of youngsters who have no clue either. There has to be a geek out there who has put to words or video how all this works. Or I just bought a tool box full of tools I'll never use. like I found (By accident) text by voice, and downloaded something that reads text but cant find it or if its working, I bought a watch with more info on how to set the time then this thing.

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