Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T Windows 8 Tablet Review

Not long ago, we tested one of Samsung’s new Windows 8 tablets to take a close-up look at Intel’s Clover Trail Atom Z2760 SoC. Now that we’ve covered the chip driving the tablet, it’s time to take a look at the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T as a whole. The tablet runs about $650 by itself, which puts the price on par with a similarly-configured iPad. (Well, as similarly as it can be configured.) Throw in the optional keyboard and dock for another $100, and you’re still looking at a device that should be able to stand in for your laptop or PC in some situations, at an attainable price. 

Here's what we found when we took the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T for a spin.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T Windows 8 Tablet
Via:  HotHardware
DanielCooper one year ago

This tablet does come with an S-Pen. It slides out of the top of the screen.

ThomasALemke one year ago

ThomasALemke one year ago

btw its a quad core cpu

HiroakiJohnHotta one year ago

It's dual core. Therefore your argument is invalid. :)

HiroakiJohnHotta one year ago

Great review! Definitely want this after my first sem this year as a gift! :)

MikeDancy one year ago

i have the 500T with LTE and it does not have the pen. it has a few quirks when it cpmes to the on screen keyboard (im using it now) For one, there is now Windows key or ALT key so you cant use any shortcuts. plus when kts on portrait mode, the keyboard doesnt stay open if im trying to enter comments. And as uou can see, it doesnt point out typos or create capital letters on its own like an ipad would.

i paid $699 and im returning it tomorrow.

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