Samsung 840 Series SSD Review, Cost-Efficient Performance

Samsung has roughly a trillion or so different products in virtually every market of the computing world, but one area where the company can occasionally be overlooked is in consumer storage. Samsung SSDs are plentiful, though, most notably inside of Apple’s MacBooks, and unlike many SSDs out there, they’re built entirely with Samsung-made components, from the controller to the Flash NAND and DRAM cache. In fact, Samsung is one of the largest Flash memory suppliers in the world.

In any case, the latest generation of Samsung SSDs is the 840 and 840 Pro Series, and we took the 250GB version of the 840 SSD for a spin. Not literally, of course, because these aren’t HDDs. (Nerd joke.)
Via:  HotHardware
realneil one year ago

I wouldn't mind having this drive.

karanm one year ago

Looking daily for a good deal on this drive to throw into my laptop.

Dorkstar one year ago

Yeah, I've been looking into the 840 and the 840 pro for a few months now.  They've had some amazing deals on the 256GB and the 512GB's lately.  Unfortunately I caught wind my start up isn't doing a great job at starting up and I might be the first to get axed (Eek!).  Hopefully that won't happen and I can pick one up sooner or later, either way I'll survive just fine on a HDD.

SmogHog one year ago

If you want to get the best consistent performance from SSDs like the SS 840 Series and the OCZ Vector the drive should have a partition created that's about 20~25% of the drives capacity for over provisioning.

JaMan one year ago

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