Exclusive Vapor-X cooler gives performance boost

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced global availability of its exciting new HD 3870 TOXIC edition high performance graphics accelerator.

The SAPPHIRE HD 3870 TOXIC version features the award winning - and SAPPHIRE exclusive -Vapor-X single slot cooler, SAPPHIRE’s implementation of Vapour Chamber Technology (VCT). This advanced cooling solution provides more efficient and quieter cooling allowing the TOXIC edition to ship overclocked out of the box, and to allow enthusiasts even more scope for performance tuning. The single slot design allows the use of multiple cards in the latest CrossFireX configurations even where PCI-Express slots are sited closely together.

The SAPPHIRE HD 3870 TOXIC has 512MB of high performance GDDR4 memory, clocked at 1152MHz (2.3GHz effective) and the GPU core is pre-overclocked at 800MHz. Supporting the new CrossFireX technology, two high speed connectors on each card allow 2 (now) and 3 or even 4 graphics cards (with a future driver release) to be daisy-chained together for enhanced performance when installed in a CrossFireX mainboard ...
Via:  Sapphire
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mazuki 6 years ago
would like to see some pictures HH ;)


did i read this from the official article correctly??

Support for DirectX10.1 provides developers with access to enhanced programming techniques and new lighting effects. ???

so ATi was the first to produce a working 10.1 card?
Kamrooz 6 years ago

They are indeed the first to 10.1.....I'm intrigued on how well this method can cool the gpu. It's definitely worth looking into.

 One thing that's quite annoying that AMD/ATI claims is the "first to 55nm" gimmick...TSMC produces their graphics gpus!..They shouldn't be able to claim such a They are still technically the first, but it really wasn't "them"...It was their partner TSMC which produces their gpus on a 55nm process. Nvidia's gpu's are also made at TSMC as well. 

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