Rumors of an iPad 2 Delay Send Apple Shares Down

Someone needs to tell Apple, "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself." Here's the deal. Steve Jobs and his merry Cupertino gang are in excellent shape in the emerging tablet market. The original (and current) iPad, even with all its quirks (like no Flash support, limited I/O ports, etc) set the bar by which all other tablets are to be measured. But with Motorola's Xoom launching later this week, Google's Honeycomb era is about to begin, and combined with upgraded hardware, the iPad may finally fall from its throne.

Of course, Apple isn't standing still and from what we know so far, the iPad 2 is looking like a worthy successor. It should be faster, lighter, better equipped, and cost about the same as first generation iPads. So what's the problem? Delays.

According to a Reuters report, Apple shares fell 2.4 percent after a brokerage firm opened its yap and said product bottlenecks at Foxconn will ultimately delay the iPad 2. And citing a note from Yuanta Securities, the self-inflicted setback is the result of Apple making last minute design changes to the second generation iPad.

The silver lining is that whatever those changes are, it might end up being worth the wait. The bad news is it looks like the iPad 2's release will be pushed back two months as a result, and that's assuming everything's smooth sailing from here on out.
Via:  Reuters
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SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

I dont think Apple has anything to worry about....just another day, another rumor. When indeed Apple decides to officially unveil the Ipad 2, all other Tablet makers will be run frantic to try and replicate some cool new feature that Apple has to offer.

infinityzen1 3 years ago


I wanna know when the iSmash!!! is coming out.

coolice 3 years ago

the noob me is wondering, whats ismash?

CDeeter 3 years ago

It's what you use to make Apple Sauce! LOL

infinityzen1 3 years ago

Those are the videos of people going out and buying the newest iDevice, then taking it home and smashing it to bits.

rapid1 3 years ago

Apple of course has followed a very good path on there other developments business wise, but of course the iPad has really been in a walled garden with no competition up until now. Why I do not know as well as why it took companies as long as it did to get something at least comparable to market. The thing is though now the competition is coming from many sides. With a delay other players may very well grab some market advantage. The Blackberry and the Motorola slate tabs both look very nice, but they are just the ones that are visible because there companies have the money to shout the loudest right now, and they have devices ready for market.

We will see how this all goes, but I personally have been waiting for cracks in Apples armor to start showing. It most likely will take longer because of all the other aspects (IE: search, app store, in house hardware etc). I may also be wrong, which I do not insinuate is also not true. A closed platform in today's market just like in there PC market days of old is weaker than an open or even a M$ widely supported on in the end.

At first I kind of was writing it off as a trend, which I still believe it is in many cases. However in many cases such as the VCR/Beta war, the VCR won because more people used it to put it simply. So this could also be something of that nature. The app store has much more activity than any other providing point period, even though the Android market hardware, and device in the market has grown more.

Unless Google figures out a way to capitalize it better (which I never though I would say about Google, and I also may still be wrong) the market is just not as strong. Of course Apple does have 2+ years advantage as well. So it may change (especially if there device penetration grows another 837% as it did in 2011), but Apple I think needs to really stay on top of it if they want to keep it all. As for now I still will not have an Apple device in my house period!

rapid1 3 years ago

Oh I have also heard rumors that the iPad3 will be released mid fall of this year, which seemed odd, but also seemed to have some truth to it. It is supposedly more advanced in hardware as well as capabilities than the iPad2, with that super screen that was rumored to be on the iPad2. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

inspector 3 years ago

Wait rapid u just kidding right? xD

Apple is always delaying their products. The longest delay for them yet is the white iphone... lol

rapid1 3 years ago

rofl; Inspector where did I say "Apple is always delaying there product's"? As far as it all goes the delay of the iPad rumor was started by some commentator somewhere anyway, it is not even true. I just hope that to a large percentage people wake up, as with Apple you are given your choices, you do not make them. You can now get an iPhone for 49.99 so why would they need to release a cheaper version as well (which also seems to be a false rumor) Yeah; it is a 3G iPhone, but it is still an iPhone model no one but At&t can sell. The following video explains iPhenomenon best though even though it is somewhat dated:


ThunderBird 3 years ago

Funny around Christmas I mentioned to my Aunt who was going to purchase an original one for her husband to hold off cause a new model was in the works. She ended up getting him a Digital Camera instead not wanting to wait for the refresh.

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