Rumor: Apple Producing Smaller iPhone Handset

Is Apple working on an iPhone Nano? Maybe! The rumor has definitely been around before, but this time it's picking up an unusual amount of steam. Bloomberg's sources found this week that Apple may be developing a smaller, less expensive version of the iPhone, with a prototype device already kicking around somewhere in Apple's labs. The only issue with the report is that there's no indication of exactly how small "small" will be.

What's really crazy is just how much sense a move like this suddenly makes. Just this week, HP introduced their smallest webOS device ever, indicating that there's some demand for a smaller phone like that. With Apple already producing an iOS-like interface on the iPod nano, it wouldn't take too much effort to port that over to a smaller iPhone. Reportedly, Apple would sell the phone for $200 without a 2-year agreement.

In America, we're used to hearing about cellphone prices in terms of 2-year contracts. For example, a non-contract iPhone 4 would cost well over $600, so a 3x decrease in price would be monumental. These rumors definitely aren't confirmed yet, but it's hard to believe someone would fabricate something this elaborate. Not to mention that it makes sense; HP already has done something like this, so Apple might not be too far behind.

It's hard to say how limited a small iPhone would be. Would the iOS experience suffer? Only time will tell...if it ever happens, that is.
Via:  Bloomberg
inspector 3 years ago

I'll stick to the normal iphone, it isn't big enough to make a difference to me.

gibbersome 3 years ago

I don't know if I'd want a smaller version of the iPhone, it would be very awkward to use as a phone if they made it too small. And if people want a cheaper version of the an older generation!

coolice 3 years ago

iPhone.... Zoolander edition.

Well, i guess it'll sell, though not in big numbers. Somehow, it always feels as if these rumours are leaked on purpose. The apple tablet people were talking about a couple of years ago... some said Yes, some said No, and voila, it came to life.

Perhaps its the same for this... iPhonemini might just come to life.

3vi1 3 years ago

Yeah, this will sell well. I've been constantly saying to myself "I love browsing the Internet and playing games on my phone, but the problem is that it's just too damned easy to see the screen."

gibbersome 3 years ago

LOL! Brilliant!

OSunday 3 years ago

I don't think an Iphone Nano will happen.

The trend in technology recently has been to have things with larger screens and more powerful hardware, and an Iphone nano goes against this trend.

Not too mention what people want isnt a smaller, more compact portable device at the expense of screen space and speed

gibbersome 3 years ago

Apple is all about user friendliness. There is a reason why their tablet is 9.7" instead of the more common 7". They tested and found out that a 7" screen would be functional enough as a touchscreen.

coolice 3 years ago

A simple business rule.. i'll use cereal boxes as an example... (theres a market for everything)

If Company A starts making large cereal boxes and revenue starts flowing in.... company B and C will try to tap into that market.... This would result in less small cereal boxes being made. Sure the market is tiny for small cereal boxes, but the revenue potential is huge.

Company A realizes that.... Wait a minute... No ones making small cereal boxes.... We have enough profit from what we did last time, lets spend some on producing small cereal boxes.... a market that the other companies arent into yet...

Next thing you know, Company A is charging a premium for those small boxes of cereal and leeching in tons and tons of money, only waiting for the other companies to follow, till they move on the next.

Now, there are lots of other factors i've not included in, but this seems to be the trend with apple at the moment... produce something that already exists, make it better of course, and wait till everyone follows... till Shazam! they come out with the next product.

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