Rumor: AMD 790FX Chipset To Sip Power

Rumors are already being circulated about AMD's upcoming 790FX chipset, and the latest is that it might end up being quite power efficient and not nearly as hot as some of the other high-end chipsets out there. 

This is great news for anyone planning on building a new rig based off the 790FX, but it's especially good news for people who are planning on building a SFF/Micro-ATX system where thermals and power consumption are especially important factors due to space limitations.

“It seems that implementing PCIe Gen2 and HyperTransport 3 in combination with TSMC advanced manufacturing process yielded better-than-expected thermals, while Nvidia and Intel both face the challenge of cooling hot products such as X38 and nForce 700 series.

While heat-pipes are now touted as best thing since sliced bread, for AMD chipsets - using a BTX-style case is a hard reality, which is ideal for keeping those graphics cards running all nice and clean.”

Of course this is all just a rumor so stay tuned for a full review as soon as we can get our hands on one of these boards for testing.
Via:  The Inq
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Grahf 7 years ago

All part of DAMMIT's strategy to become more  attractive to OEM's. That's where the real money is at.

Kamrooz 6 years ago

Right on Grahf. I've been following the AMD's chipsets for quite a while. I must admit, their new 7x0 series is fantastic. AMD/ATI honestly imo aims to innovate to a higher lever than intel and nvidia. It was ATI first who was going for Hybrid Crossfire and that toggling between integrated graphics and a discrete card. The 790FX is also a CrossfireX board. Imagine having 4 3870's or 4 r700's on release. While you game, full power, but when you go to the desktop, cards disabled and integrated solution is turned on. You just eliminated around 400 watts of idle power draw. Can't wait to see how well they tune these 790FX chipsets, it's just a shame phenom was such a disappointment. But I must say, their chipsets are looking very nice, with their video cards obviously not offering the best performance, but for their performance/money value, they are still a great deal. We've pretty much entered the era of multi gpu computing, we wouldn't see mid range cards offering high end performance for no reason =P. 

Tbolo 6 years ago

Yes I agree. If the CPUs can be as affective as the GPUs we might have some competition back

frg1 6 years ago

 that would make a nice laptop

Tbolo 6 years ago

Go to and you can build a lappy like that

ice_73 6 years ago

seems amd is *slowly* getting back into the game but it may all end up to be another phenon. or radeon hd 

Tbolo 6 years ago

Let's hope not, that would be bad for everyone.

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