Rosewill to Launch New “Throne” Gaming Case and Dual LED Mechanical Keyboard at CES 2013

We always see a lot of great new gaming gear at CES, and the fun is already starting for next week’s show. Rosewill is teasing some new gamer-friendly devices in its lineup today.

Rosewill Helios RK-9200 Mechanical Keyboard With Dual Backlights

Rosewill is building on its line of mechanical keyboards with a new board that features a dual LED backlight. The Helios RK-9200 uses red and green backlights to help you tell keyboard sections (or individual keys – each key is individually lit) apart at a glance. For key switches, your options will be Cherry MX Blue (loud, tactile), Brown (light tactile, somewhat loud, a favorite of many gamers), Red (non-tactile), or Black (non-tactile, quiet).

Rosewill Throne PC Case

Inside Of Throne Computer Chassis

The company is also launching several new cases, but the one that’s going to get the most attention is the tough-looking Throne full tower. It has a bunch of front USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and it’s loaded with fans, including (optionally) two layers of front fans. LEDs up front give the case some bling, while moveable fins at the top give users a little extra control over air flow.
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realneil one year ago

I have a Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Case now.

It was made well and has a lot of options inside.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy the brand again.

As for their keyboards, I plan to get at least one of them soon.

rapid1 one year ago

I agree I have had several things I have gotten from Rosewill through Newegg over the years and am pretty sure like ABS there in house brands (largest beings fans, PSU's (believe it or not never had a problem), and a couple of cases. They have always been decent quality especially for the prices but just in general as well. I have also been wanting one of there mechanical keyboards but have not yet bought one I thinks I might grab one of the Cherry black ones (I am not completely but 70% deaf in the one ear I can hear from) as the sound does not mean as much to me or a Cherry red one in the near future. So maybe I will see how soon the dual color led ones pop out and get one of those.

rrplay one year ago

yep ! Would have to agree about the overall quality and and value of the Rosewill brand,  Seen some very good, highly regarded reviews and recommendations for several of the chassis.Would not hesitate to check out that Helios RK-9200 with Cherry Brown switches. The backlit lighting scheme seems pretty reasonable with out being gawdy, and would likely prefer the brown switches over,the black ones I have now. I have the CM Quick Fire,and did my 50 cent  vinyl tubing O -Ring mod on it to  tame the 'thwack' sound from the keys bottoming out a bit.And in a way would like the backlit for later eve sessions in general.The blacks can be a bit fatiguing after a lot of typing with all the regular daily stuff. Notice too that the Rosewill THRONE case sort of reminds me of the NZXT Phantom :) with the angular lines.

Dorkstar one year ago

What is the point in back lit keyboards?  If I had to look at the keyboard as I typed I could understand the necessity, but I don't.

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