Rockchip-Based Tablet Displays 3D Without Glasses

Here's a real shocker: 3D is taking over another product category. With cinemas, televisions and even PC gaming already caught up in the 3D hype, Rockchip is now demonstrating a prototype tablet that does 3D as well. The interesting twist is that, much like the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS, the Supernova X1 3D doesn't require any 3D glasses.

It's the first actual tablet with 3D support, but the good news is that the 3D effect can be turned off on command. It will probably have to be looked at from a direct angle in order to see the 3D effect, but we're assuming that may be tweaked for multiple views once it leaves the prototype stage. A formal debut is expected at IFA, and hopefully a price and release date will follow. No specifications were announced, but it should be quite the video player once it goes on sale.
3vi1 4 years ago

I'm thinking this is a signpost indicating that we're all looking at monitor upgrades sooner than expected.

inspector 4 years ago

Psh we are already there, just use that new Sony TV as your monitor :D.

The feature to turn it off and on is nice, it would help a lot when your not using 3D.

3vi1 4 years ago

I call dibs on a patent for an API that allows you to directly program the monitor to enable 3D for only certain windows/areas of the screen.

acarzt 4 years ago

too bad the big corporations don't play "dibs" and Intel has probably filed for a patent after reading that. lol

Nethersprite 4 years ago

If it's a good idea (and yours really is), chances are it's been taken. I get that a lot: I think of something, and a short while later I see it on shelves. It's not fair! :P

But yeah, that sounds awesome, esp. on a large screen where the edges are being viewed at a slight angle: you could have a flat viewing surface for web browsing or text, and small 3D widgets around the edges. Couple that with a gesture-recognition system, and you could "click" the 3D portions in midair. Hmm...dibs?

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