Reports Say Apple Is Preparing 68 Million iPhone 6 Units For Initial Rollout

You can pretty much bank on every iPhone launch being the biggest one ever, breaking whatever sales record the previous model set -- that's where the smart money's at. Eventually that will stop being true, just don't expect it happen with the iPhone 6. Apple certainly isn't. Just the opposite, Apple is preparing for a massive launch by ensuring it has 68 million iPhone 6 devices ready to go for just the first phase of the handset's rollout.

So says a Chinese-language news report based on information it obtained from sources within the upstream supply chain. If true, this could be yet another hint that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 with two different display size options -- a 4.6-inch model and a phablet-sized 5.5-inch version. Display size has long been the iPhone's relative weak point, at least compared to the competition, which has been serving up larger handsets to a receptive audience.

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It's also possible that Apple has some other killer feature in the hilt that hasn't yet leaked to the press. Whatever the reason for Apple's confidence, 68 million devices is a lot to have on hand. To put that figure into perspective, consider that Apple sold 9 million iPhone 5S and iPhone 5S handsets during their launch weekend.

For Apple to have 68 million iPhone 6 models ready to go, its manufacturing partners will have to be firing on all cylinders. It's worth pointing out that Apple has brought TSMC into the fold to help produce the necessary SoCs, and TSMC has yet to prove that it can keep up the kind of the demand that inevitably follows an Apple product launch. Apple also made the decision to ditch Corning's Gorilla Glass in favor of sapphire crystal, which is highly resistant to breakages, cracks, and scratches.
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CliffVincent 5 months ago

enjoy your bugged police controlled apple products, people

StaticFX 5 months ago

enjoy your open sourced, malware prone, google phone lol


There is a reason apple sells so many phones, its a good product. Yeah, i wish it was a bit more open as far as customizing it... but they sure do have it locked down  protection wise.

bah doesnt matter :) I really dont care what anyone else buys. :)


i just hope the6 isnt way more money.. or I will go to windows phone.

Ricofrost 5 months ago

Apple do suffer from issues also, here in Australia Iphones were getting locked out from a hacker which would hold the phone to ransom.

Also Iphones accounts for 15% of global sales, android is 81%. Its not that they sell so many its that they make the most profit from it.

I had and iphone 3 phones ago however i simply hated the restrictions and the small screen.

PasiElo 5 months ago

f*** apple. I cant even support them due to the fact they wont provide latest safari for window. Feeling bad for apple user missing all the stuff the latest web tehcnology provides. Oh well makes my job easyer. One platform less to support. :)

WendellBeverly1 5 months ago

Looking forward to what the new iPhones will provide. I find it comical how irate people get either pro Apple or con Apple. I like the Apple products, they tend to function really well for my use.

Ricofrost 5 months ago

Its good that apple is finally catching up with the bigger screens however with the device expected to sell for over $1000 up to $1300 its simply far to pricey for what you get.

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