Report: Windows 9 “Threshold” To Feature SKUs Germane To Devices

We first caught wind of Microsoft’s next version of its Windows OS back in December (and learned a bit more in January), and Redmond’s strategy for unifying the Windows experience across various types of devices is becoming more clear.

According to a report from ZDNET’s Mary Jo Foley, Windows “Threshold” (which will likely eventually be dubbed “Windows 9”) will be more about creating versions of the same OS that are germane to specific types of devices.

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For example, desktops and laptops will have a more desktop-friendly version, possibly without all the Metro UI business, while multimode devices and convertibles will get something more akin to what Windows 8.1 is--a dual-mode operating system that features both a desktop-like environment and a touch-friendly one.

Tablets and phones will have a touch-optimized SKU that eschews the desktop environment entirely, although it will be able to run apps side-by-side. Whether that looks more like the Metro UI or Windows Phone remains to be seen.

All of the above makes sense. Microsoft’s attempt to make Windows 8 an OS for every device (except for phones) just hasn’t panned out, with the two separate environments feeling clunky and bloated. Hopefully Microsoft has learned some lessons from the relative flop of Windows 8.x and will deliver a superb OS, as it did with Windows XP and Windows 7.

Threshold is expected to launch in the spring of 2015.
Rosec14 5 months ago

Well, as long as I've been old enough to notice, Microsoft usually just flunks every other OS. We'll see how this next one is. If they can get the speed of 8 and the feel of 7, I think they'll have quite a success.

AllenJun 5 months ago

That is exactly how I feel! Lol. Its like beta, final, beta, final.

Jaybk26 5 months ago

I agree completely. Windows 8 is a great OS if you have a mod that gives you the classic start button. With my rig I have a boot time that's almost unnoticeable it's so fast.

RJeffries 5 months ago

It Amazes me how people continue to use Windows and complain about at the same time like there aren't alternatives out there! I've been pleased with every releases progression, even with ME and Vista! But then again I've always exceeded the required specs since Windows 3.1.

TButtons 5 months ago

How could you have been pleased with ME which crashed every time you did anything or Vista which was so excruciatingly slow that you might as well make dinner while it boots?

basroil3 5 months ago

Vista actually boots faster than XP on a Core Duo 2gh machine with 5400rpm HDD. Not by much, but noticeable. Windows 8 on the other hand boots up twice as fast as my android phone!

JosueHidalgo 5 months ago

winbugs sucks!

TButtons 5 months ago

Well I hope they dump metro on PC and server. It's awful.

AndrsCifuentes 5 months ago

I hope they at least keep the start screen. It's a lot better than that tiny, awfully useless menu from before. The rest of metro, though, can burn in a fire.

StaticFX 5 months ago

i was just rumored to have a preview as early as september!

basroil3 5 months ago

As someone with a very high DPI mouse, I agree that the start menu was hopelessly archaic in a time of 3200+DPI and 1080p+ screens. You actually have to slow down everything to a crawl to get that start menu working unless you revert to keyboard (one major step back in usability), and it takes forever compared to the startscreen.

The rest of metro isn't bad though, you don't need to use it if you don't want to, and it takes up almost no excess space (W8 is the same footprint as W7 thanks to driver compression and the like)

NielsChristianMelgaard 5 months ago

is it true windows 8.1 is gonna expire and lose support after 7 years?

basroil3 5 months ago

No, 8.1 has the standard 10 year support cycle as all other windows OSes.

xXxDOYLExXx 5 months ago

While I don't mind windows 8 (I have it on my home PC and like it) it is honestly terrible in the business environment from my testing. We manage hundreds of users. To throw windows 8 at them would not only cost us time and money from a upgrade standpoint which is normal, but it will also cost us huge amounts of time and money to wait for our users to adapt and train to learn the windows 8 environment....ONLY to learn a OS that is only going to hinder their workflow for a business environment imo.

Hopefully windows 9 will as others mentioned, will have the speed of windows 8, but the feel of windows 7..if not we're sticking to windows 7 until it comes close to expiring.

KevinLozandier 5 months ago

It's not necessarily a bad thing to "learn" a better way and more efficient way to do things if the OS in fact encourages or forces you to learn how to do to past tasks differently.

The problem with Windows 8, despite being a pretty good OS, is the fact it never put much effort in doing so, and its most beneficial shortcuts were keyboard-centric; that's not appealing to most business people not involved with IT or directly contributing to the creation of digital products.

Even worse, Windows 8 doesn't sell the benefits well with what comes installed for you to care. They seemingly expected people to care enough to look it up in honestly obscure places for people to look unless they "hardcore" lovers of Windows.

They only show you a 30 second video of how to use the start button, and off you go (I'm sure non-techies went WTF).

Mac OSX on the other hand, for example, makes it much easier to do things within the operating system differently than what the user was doing before with native, built-in resources.

Whether it's the videos that demonstrate the gestures and effect it should have, and so on, Mac OSX is far more pragmatic to what a mix group of professionals want towards trying it out.

Microsoft needs to do the same with Threshold or a mass exodus will follow.

thunderdan602 5 months ago

I've never had an issue with any Microsoft OS. I remember people bitching about Vista but I liked it. It ran well in my rig. I loved 7 and after 2 years went gave 8.1 a try. I like it, other than the start button issue, but I adjusted. And with an ssd, the boot time is phenomenal.

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