RealPlayer Gets Labeled Badware

A lot of users have called RealPlayer "badware," but mostly for performance reasons.  All right, all right, we're being kind; there have been plenty of complaints over Real Networks' policies before. said Tuesday it has labeled two versions of the RealPlayer media player as "badware," or spyware.

RealPlayer 10.5, it claims, "fails to accurately and completely disclose the fact that it installs advertising software on the user's computer." And RealPlayer 11, it claims, "does not disclose the fact that it installs Rhapsody Player Engine software, and fails to remove this software when RealPlayer is uninstalled." Ryan Lukin, PR manager for RealNetworks, disputed some of the claims.

Of course he's going to dispute the claims.  It's surprising it took this long for someone to take them to task.

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mystikmedia 6 years ago
I couldn't agree more. Glad to see it has happened.
kid007 6 years ago
they should shut down. Real Player!! I've never like them media player/radio
Crisis Causer 6 years ago
I stopped using real player years ago. What a terrible piece of crap programme. And all this spyware makes me hate them more. Someone needs to sue them, I don't care if it's frivolous.
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