RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Makes a Live Demo Appearance

RIM has dispelled rumors that the BlackBerry tablet, or PlayBook, was vaporware, by showing it off in the flesh at the Adobe MAX show on Monday. This came on the same day that RIM made the first build of a BlackBerry PlayBook QNX OS simulator available for Windows and Mac.

Last month, when RIM announced the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the company did not demo the device and caught a lot of flak (and disbelief) about the PlayBook, because of it.

Check out the demo below, or even try the simulator and tell us what you think. Can it compete with the iPad or Galaxy Tab?

Via:  YouTube
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inspector 4 years ago

Not much was said in the "Demo". Also where is the simulator located?

3vi1 4 years ago

Looks surprisingly good. I didn't think it would be this far along.

I'm not too sure I like the idea of being stuck in their own browser though. I'd much prefer to be able to run the QNX port of Firefox or something.... but I suppose they're using WebKit or some other Gnu library on the back-end and will therefore work as good as most Linux/Unix/Mac browsers.

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