Qualcomm Gushes Over Nokia's Windows 8.1 RT Tablet, Says It Trumps Surface 2 in Every Area

Nokia's recently announced Lumia 2520 tablet is drawing high praise from Qualcomm, the company who's Snapdragon 800 processor is powering the device. There's nothing unusual about that -- Qualcomm has a vested interest in the Lumia 2520's success -- but what's interesting is that the praise is coming at the expense of Microsoft's Surface 2 slate.

Though the Lumia 2520 and Surface 2 look very similar to each other and both are running ARM-based processors, Qualcomm is only powering one of the them. Microsoft opted to go with NVIDIA's Tegra 4 platform for Surface 2, and as far as Qualcomm is concerned, these two tablets aren't even on the same playing field.

Nokia Lumia 2520

Raj Talluri, senior vice president of product management, told CNET the performance on the Lumia 2520 is "brilliant," adding that "It's really at the next level. It's not even really a contest. In every area, it's much bigger, faster, and lower power [than Surface 2]."

You would expect Talluri to extol the virtues of a slate running Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 processor over one that's equipped with NVIDIA's Tegra 4 chip, but there are some legitimate bragging points, starting with clockspeed. The Snapdragon 800 part in Nokia's tablet is clocked at 2.2GHz while the Tegra 4 processor in Surface 2 is racing along at 1.7GHz.

Qualcomm and its team have reason to feel giddy beyond the Lumia 2520. The company said its partners have lined up no less than 40 tablets using its processors, all of which should be introduced to the market within the next year.
Via:  CNET
HanyangXu one year ago

Just because the clockspeed of the Snapdragon 800 is higher than the Tegra 4 doesn't necessarily mean it's better.

Still wouldn't buy either of 'em though.

RicoFrost one year ago

I would like to see some benchmarks of Nokia tablet. I have to say I do like the look of it Nokia, however the built in kick stand on the surface is fantastic.

I world like to see a combination of the two in the coming years.

ajm531 one year ago

They need to calm down. Theres not a whole lot to get excited about when all it involves is an windows RT tablet. Also yeah with no benchmarks or real life usage for proof there gloating seems a bit in vain

BaiHuang one year ago

Nokia 2520 don't have built in USB port. The keyboard looks bulky, not good on the move. Surface still better.

Surface is actually not for gamers. If you want to play stuff pay more for Ipads. If you want a tablet for work, get surface.

ScottLail one year ago

Not true thanks to Ms surface is getting more games likes some halo variants

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