Polaroid Gets Back Into Funky Instant Fotos

Polaroid got famous for making instant cameras and film for the impatient photographer. They've fallen on rough times as the digital camera has made capturing a photo and seeing it on a little screen almost instantaneous. But what if you want an instant artifact of your snapshot? Polaroid's betting you'd find a use for a little battery-powered printer that spits out  a two by three inch color photo. No ink to smudge, either; the colors are embedded in the paper, waiting for the printer to bring them out.

The printer uses paper with billions of embedded dye crystals. It selectively heats them up to produce different colors. There is no ink, toner, or liquid chemical in the process. The prints come out dry.

With no ink to buy, the only cost of using the printer is the paper, which it eats in packs of 10. These cost $3.99 each, or $9.99 for three. That's a little steep compared to regular photo printers, but cheap compared to instant film, which costs around $15 for a 10-pack.

You can plug your digital camera right in the printer via USB, or via Bluetooth from a haphazard list of compatible cameraphones. The pictures aren't very high quality, but quick and dirty was always the charm with instant photos anyway.  Film is dead. Long live printer paper!
Via:  NewsFactor
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ice91785 6 years ago

Actually this is a very innovative idea! I rather like it......I wonder if it would be feasible for larger printer companies to try out this "heated paper" idea, although I am sure it would be kinda spendy for a ream of 8.5x11. But it seems like the life of the printer would be slightly extended, not to mention not having to worry about cleaning print heads and stuff.....

I have a list of brands that I hate, and polaroid has been on it for a while...maybe I could give 'em another chance.


stubblep00 6 years ago

i had heard that poloroid had gone out of buisiness completely. heard another story saying that it had been going down for a long time. the outkast song 'hey ya' with the iconic line -'shake it like a poloroid picture' infact led to a small increase in products sold before it slumped again.

shanewu 6 years ago
So does that mean if you get the pics hot after "printing" that they are ruined???
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